8 Hacks To Survive Mumbai’s Summer Without AC

Surviving summer is a battle that all Indians have learned to fight well. While some stay cocooned in air-conditioned spaces to avoid the heat, the rest of us — who can’t afford the mounting bills that come with its usage — have managed to find our own summer hacks to stay cool.

Time To Get Creative & Eco-Friendly

From DIY coolers and air-conditioners to making little changes in your living room and adding some greenery, we’ve listed down all the smart summer tricks that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. A few of them are quite eco-friendly too, so you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint along with beating the heat.

1) DIY Cooler

There are a lot of different methods for DIY air-conditioners and coolers that you can find online, but our favorite one remains the one with ice cubes and a table fan.We’ve already mentioned this hack in our list of summer tips before, but it’s so cheap and effective, that we can’t emphasize it enough.

All you need to do for this is to fill a bowl with ice and place it in front of a table fan. It’s simple science really — the fan will create a cooling mist as it will pick up cold water from the surface of the ice, making your room cooler.

2) Plug off electronic items

A lot of times we tend to keep our cameras and laptops for charging and let them stay plugged in, even if we aren’t using them. You may get busy and forget about them altogether, but if they’re using your electricity, they are also emitting heat out from them. So, in the background, they are contributing to the heat in your room.

Always unplug them once they have been sufficiently charged. The same also holds true for all the lights and bulbs in your room. If possible, use only CFL and LED lights.

3) Get The Right Curtains

Synthetic curtains may give out a rich look to your bedroom, but they are the worst when it comes to cooling. Instead, go for bamboo, jute and cotton curtains. They are great for keeping the sun out of your room and will keep your room airy as well.

If you live in a rented apartment and replacing your curtains isn’t an option, just hang a wet sheet or towel in front of your window on hooks or on a clothesline. This will ensure that the breeze coming in will reduce the temperature in the room.

4) Add Plants To Your Room

Let your room breathe! Add some plants and shrubs to your room or keep them in your balcony. Either way, it will add some color to your surroundings and will also help in keeping your house cooler.

If the afternoon sun shines brightly outside your window, consider adding vines and creepers along the window seal. If you let it grow well, it could also provide some shade inside and shield you from the heat.

5) Get summer fabrics in your room

Love your satin bedsheets and animal skin rugs? Well, you can roll them up and keep them locked away in summer. They add to the look in your room, but they’ll only make your hands and feet perspire a lot more than they normally do.

Make cotton your best friend, be it for bedding or clothes. Linen, percale, and even bamboo sheets are other options that you might want to explore if you want some variety.

6) Change Your Pillows

If night sweats are preventing you from getting good sleep, it might be time to try replacing your ordinary pillow. You don’t need to start looking out for new ones though; there is a way to come up with your own inexpensive version of a comfortable summer pillow.

Use your old pillowcase and fill it up with rice. Keep it in the freezer for a while so that when you sleep on it, you can actually feel the coolness. Another option is to find an inflatable pillow and fill it up with water.

7) Cross Ventilation

During the day, it is okay to keep your windows closed to avoid the hot air from coming inside. But make it a point to keep it open during mornings and evenings. It’s a simple thing that can really make a lot of difference in reducing the heat level.

If you have windows on opposite sides of your room or between two rooms, leave them open so there is scope for cross air ventilation. Keep your windows open between 5.00-8.00 am and then from 7.00 pm to 11 pm. It is usually the time when the cool breeze can flow into your house easily.

8) Bathe Before Sleeping

If you don’t want to wake up in a sea of sweat, make sure you’re taking a shower right before you hit the bed. A cold water shower will not only cleanse your body but also rinse off all the sweat and bring down your body temperature.

If taking a shower is too time-consuming, at least wash off your feet with cold water. Your feet have a lot of pulse points, so they are really sensitive to temperature. In addition to this, identify other spots where you’re feeling unusually hot and apply an ice pack there.

If none of these are enough to cool you out, just head out and take a dip in a swimming pool near you. What is your savior in summer? Share your summer hacks and experiences in the comments section below.

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