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  1. Authors must have a track record of writing great content and match the website for which they are reaching out to post an article. 
  2. The content must be well structured, detailed and unique with headings and paragraphs, not more than 4-5 lines. 
  3. Articles must range between 1000 to 1500 words and should be 100% plagiarism-free. 
  4. We accept topics only from Food, Travel, Local, Lifestyle and Exploring industries. Other industries are reviewed before posting on the website. (texasflange)  
  5. All submitted articles should have an introduction and a conclusion with the Author Bio. 
  6. All submitted articles should be 100% unique with respect to your business. 
  7. We accept articles only if they are well-written without any grammatical mistakes or typos. 
  8. All images must be copyrighted or obtain permissions for use and cite the source. We accept only 5 images per article, clicked or owned by the author. 
  9. We fully own the content published on the website.
  10. We allow promotional content, PR, news, short-term content, individual posts on our website.
  11. We allow only 1 link per post, only towards the end of the post or in Author Bio.


  1. The submitted content piece should have never been posted elsewhere. 
  2. Your submitted articles cannot compete with Travenix article topics. We won’t allow topics with the same titles or concepts as ours. 
  3. We won’t allow articles which directly talk about a product and not about the community or culture towards it. We are strictly against Drugs, Adult Content, Gambling, and Violence topics. All articles which will be approved are solely our decision to publish on 
  4. We do not allow more than 1 link per post.
  5. We don’t accept images from search engines or copyright images. All images are scanned on search engines before allowing them on our website.
  6. We won’t allow affiliate or referral links in the guest post.

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