12 Best Rooftop Restaurants, Bars and Lounges In Hyderabad

Top 12 Rooftop Places In Hyderabad For A Memorable Dining Experience

Dining under the starry night sky or while basking under the winter sun is a surreal experience! And rooftop or terrace dining is one of the best ways to enjoy the bliss of nature and your surroundings. Hyderabad has several restaurants, lounges, bars and pubs with facilities for rooftop dining that will impress you with its ambience.


10 Best Gift Shops In Hyderabad For Personalised and Unique Gifts

Top 10 Gift Stores In Hyderabad For Every Occasion

A gift is one of the best ways to show our gratitude and love to our dear ones. Surprises and celebrations are incomplete without them. Sharing gifts has been an essential part of our culture that brings people together, and encourages them to celebrate life. Just like the gift stores in Mumbai, Hyderabad is also home to some of the most amazing gift shops.


10 Best Brunch Places In Hyderabad That You Must Visit

Top 10 Brunch Places In Hyderabad That Will Delight You

Waking up late on a Sunday morning and enjoying delicious food along with friends and family is the perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday. However, enjoying a hearty brunch is not just limited to Sunday; you can enjoy it on any day of the week. Although several restaurants and cafes in Hyderabad offer an exciting menu to enjoy a wholesome breakfast, few of them have an interesting brunch menu as well.


One Day Golconda Fort Tour Guide - History and Things To See

My One Day Tour Of Golconda Fort For The First Time

Travellers who love to visit cities in India steeped in history must visit Hyderabad at least once in their lifetime. Also known as ‘The City of Pearls’ and ‘The City of Nizams’, Hyderabad is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the country, renowned for its heritage places, rich history and warm hospitality.

Any trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without visiting the iconic Golconda Fort, one of the largest forts in India. The massive fort spreads over a sprawling area of about 11 kilometres. The architectural marvel of this fort has amazed every visitor, and I am no exception.