Top 5 Dishes To Try At The Red Chillies In Malad

If you are obsessed with authentic North Indian and Chinese food, The Red Chillies in Malad is the place to be. Apart from great food, the place also has a modern rustic décor that creates a warm atmosphere.


Must-Try Cocktails and Dishes At Drinx Exchange in Saki Naka

Looking to unwind with friends over the weekend? We’ve found a perfect place where you can enjoy refreshing cocktails and delectable food while having a lot of fun! Drinx Exchange lets you interact with drinks, music and food in the most unique way.


5 Amazing Places In Mumbai That Offer Vegan Ingredients

It’s not hard to adapt to a vegan lifestyle if you live in India, especially in a metro city like Mumbai. You can prepare vegan variants of a range of local vegetarian dishes by simply not adding dairy ingredients or substituting them with plant-based alternatives. Mumbai has a bunch of restaurants that serve flavorful vegan dishes, and more and more eateries are warming up to the idea of plant-based food.


Top 5 Dishes To Try At Pohewala In Goregaon

Are you in love with Poha? We’ve found a place that delivers Poha with a twist! Pohewala in Goregaon offers a variety of Pohas with fresh and flavorful ingredients. From Coconut Poha to Cheese Poha, you can order a range of different dishes from this place and enjoy your favorite Maharashtrian delicacy.


Top 5 Restaurants And Eateries For “Authentic” Goan Food In Mumbai

Serene beaches and lively nightlife are not the only two things that people love about Goa. The state is also known for its authentic fresh-from-the-sea delicacies that offer you a culinary experience of its own. The spunky and addictive cuisine of Goa is very different from the food in other parts of the country. Influenced by the Portuguese cuisine, Goan dishes are accompanied by warm bread instead of steamed rice which is a staple food in rest of India. (more…)

Top 5 Dishes To Try At Dessertino In Kandivali

Dessertino is the latest outlet in Mahavir Nagar that brings to you the finest of thick shakes, milkshakes, and ice creams! This particular place is known for its fantastic desserts in Gujarat and has now entered Mumbai to bring to you the best of it all! (more…)

Top 7 Beautiful and Famous Mosques To See In Mumbai

Mosques are religious sites and places of worship for people following Islam. Known for their beautiful architecture and calligraphy on the walls, these places exude a lot of architectural brilliance. India has a vast number of mosques but there are a few that stand apart from the rest.  (more…)

Top 5 Places in Mumbai For Drinking Lassi

One of the most versatile drinks available out there, lassi is a Punjabi drink that has a really creamy texture. Its taste can either be sweet or salty, depending on how you like it. It’s a refreshing summer drink that is not just tasty, but healthy too. Drinking a glass of lassi can actually help you with digestion and can reduce stomach bloating. (more…)