Best 6 Vegan Dishes to try at Café Smart Alec - Alternative Deli

Smart Alec – Alternative Deli – Vegan Restaurant in Madhapur, Hyderabad

A bite of tasty and healthy food is nothing short of a miracle. As you step outside of your homes in search of delicious food, finding a cafe that serves delectable vegan dishes can be quite a task. For those individuals whose New Year resolution has been to ‘eat only vegan’, we have spotted a cafe in Hyderabad that takes care of your resolution while you enjoy a hearty feast.



11 Finest Pastry Shops in Mumbai To Satisfy Your Cravings

Have you ever given a thought of how dull the world would be without pastries and cakes? There would be no cakes to celebrate Birthdays, Christmas or New Year! Can you imagine how incomplete a celebration would be without a cake? Or any special date or anniversary celebration without gorgeous pastries?


14 Best Places for Bargain Hunters in Mumbai

As per my observation, shopaholics are always in search of a reason to get their shopping bags out. If you have seen the Hollywood movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, then you would know how addictive it is. 



7 Famous Ancient Churches in Bandra You Should Visit

Bandra is one of the most happening places in Mumbai, and is rightly called ‘Queen of the Suburbs’. It one of the unique corners of Mumbai that has both modern dazzling buildings and stores as well as heritage houses and churches. Though Mumbai is home to many age-old churches, a visit to these churches in Bandra is a must, irrespective of whether you are a resident or tourist in Mumbai. 


Kids day out places mumbai

10 Best Places to Take Your Kid Out in Mumbai – Fun Places Near Me

Today on the day of Children’s Day, let’s take you back to your childhood! What is your most adored memory? It’s probably something to do with swings, slides, family gatherings or a visit to a zoo. Mine was; running like a cheetah on seeing giraffes. Well, you can laugh it off! Few of you must be nature enthusiasts while few just prefer staying indoors. So, our today’s article is for the lazy tired beings along with nature lovers who are always on the go.