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5 Famous Maharashtrian Dishes at Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra, Dadar, Mumbai

If you have never had Marathi Cuisine, or even if you have had a variety of Maharashtrian dishes, we ensure you haven’t had food as flavourful as found in Prakash. Prakash Sahakari Uphar Kendra in Dadar offers authentic, original Maharashtrian food at pocket-friendly prices. One of the many oldest Maharashtrian Eateries in Mumbai, Prakash was established around 30 years ago. The service here is quick with the waiters dressed in Gandhi Topis, and recommending their best to you. From Misal to Batata Vada to Solkadhi, even a variety of sweets, the food here is absolutely delightful.


3 days in mumbai

Tourist Guide – 3 Days Itinerary to See the Best of Mumbai

Known to be one of the most spectacular skylines in the world, Mumbai boasts of an impressive display of skyscrapers and is one of the most exciting places to explore. The dining, shopping and nightlife options, plus world-class shows and attractions just add to the beauty and charm of the city. (more…)

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Top 5 Delicious Waffles to Try at British Waffle Co. Goregaon East, Mumbai

Waffles and pancakes have become popular among the youth. The British Waffle Co. is the newest joint serving waffles, pancakes, thick shakes and much more. But what sets this café apart from the others is their varied choice of savoury waffles! They serve three different types of savoury waffles ranging from Chaat Waffle to Pizza Waffle. They also offer customers the option to make their own waffles, wherein they can choose the base, toppings, and the ice-cream. That way you could pick what you love! (more…)

Om Snacks The Hulk Sandwich

5 Famous Snacks You Can’t Miss at Om Snacks, Goregaon in Mumbai

If you love everything with cheese, cheese and more cheese, well, you are at the right place. Om Snacks is a small stall at Gagan Shopping Centre in Goregaon with a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, chaat, pastas and much more. What’s more? Most of their dishes come with an abundance of cheese and a lot of flavour.

Om Snacks is famous among the youth for its fusion dishes. They have another outlet in Chakala, Andheri.


Mumbai Monster Burgers

5 Cheesy Monster Burgers of Mumbai – Best Budget Burgers Under Rs.600

Today, we talk about the flavor of every season, every age group and every occasion; Burgers. Feeling hungry already? The feelings are mutual. We have talked about several cuisines and restaurants, but we completely forgot about our everyday go-to food. Mom is not home? Order McDonalds, Having friends over? Order McDonalds, Can’t decide what to eat? Order McDonalds; it never ends. Don’t worry, we are not here to talk about McDonalds but to talk about several other burger branches and burgers which we have been missing out on.



Satara District Review – Best Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

The monsoon has just begun and it already seems to be showering its blessings. Let’s call this season ‘a chilling time for The Earth’; finally that month where it gets to soak in the rain, worry a little less about the farmers, animals and others. By just talking about the monsoon, I can already imagine myself hogging on to pyaaz ka bhajiyaa, Samosa, Maggi, corn, cutting chai, and litchis for sure. It’s time to visit your favorite hill stations, trek in the rains and dance in waterfalls, along with discovering history. (more…)

Knotty Yard’s 7 Most Popular Dishes to Try – Powai, Central Mumbai

Powai is officially becoming a place for all the dancing spirits and party animals with the best cafes, restaurants and pubs raising their shutters. There is every cuisine available in almost every restaurant around the corner. While some hold on to their specialties, there are few who believe in mastering every piece of art. (more…)

5 Dishes You Cannot Resist At Shor Restaurant, Santacruz West, Mumbai

Hey there! We are back with another food house to check out in your neighborhood. Walk in feeling like a celebrity on a red carpet. The restaurant has a vintage vibe on the outside because of its green color along beautiful pink and white flowers creeping on the wall. With perfect wood carved and a touch of Irish pub interiors, it has the perfect chill vibe. The place is not just picture perfect but also retro-mood perfect. You can walk in wearing bell bottoms, a polka dotted top and high puff to match the vibe. (more…)