Majestic Palaces in Hyderabad

5 Top Majestic Palaces in Hyderabad Reminiscing the Rich History of the Nizams and other Dynasties

The palaces in Hyderabad are breathtaking from the outside and spectacular from the inside, with exotic touches of craftsmanship.
Even though Lucknow is popularly referred to as the City of Nawabs, with its palatial buildings and stately architecture, Hyderabad has a rich history of dynasties and their larger-than-life palaces.


Water & Amusement Parks

11 Best Water & Amusement Parks in Hyderabad

Like the delicious biryani, gorgeous pearls, and beautiful historical places, the best water parks in Hyderabad have become an iconic attraction. From letting you cherish your childhood fun days again to making you beat the heat; these places will ensure your holiday in Hyderabad becomes one of the best of its kind! So, the next time you think of taking a tour down south and are tired of the summer heat, do not forget to make a pit stop at one of these super cool places in Pearl City.


Famous Lakes in And Around The City Hyderabad

10 Famous Lakes in And Around The City Hyderabad

Are you planning for a vacation to the city of Hyderabad? There are many things to see and do in this clean, beautiful city. You will be spoilt for choices from museums, forts, and markets to parks, gardens, and shopping malls! If you seek natural beauty, then rush to the scenic lakes in and around Hyderabad. Notably, the famous lakes in Hyderabad offer a general ambiance of peace and tranquility through their super-cool environment. So, let’s check out some famous lakes of Telangana that you must visit:


A Walk Through the Special Night Market in Hyderabad at Charminar on the Eve of Ramadan

When we speak about the city of Hyderabad, the images of Charminar and the fort of Golconda dominate our thoughts. But, in reality, Hyderabad has grown into something more than a hub for India’s architectural finesse and artists’ paradise. Today, the capital city is competing hard with Bangalore and Chennai for the crown of India’s IT capital.

Besides that, the night of Hyderabad is as alive as the crowded streets are during the day. But, the most striking feature is the unique blend of old with new, which is worth experiencing. And, do not forget to check the night market in Hyderabad. You can always find something or other to adorn your closest or appease your taste bud.


Shopping Malls in Hyderabad

The Best 10 Shopping Malls in Hyderabad

The fragrant biryani and the magnificent Charminar are the most iconic symbols of Hyderabad. And at the same time, one can relate to the fervent cries of ecstasy one gets by seeing high-end retail items set perfectly and elegantly around a mannequin at a shopping mall. Before you explore Pearl City, do splurge at some of the best shopping places & new malls in Hyderabad. A trip to the shopping malls below will give you some fantastic new items for your wardrobe and gadget collection:


Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

The Glory of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Hyderabad

The city of Telangana, Hyderabad is widely known for various beautiful temples, old and new dotting its landscape, catching the attention of devotees from India & abroad. This temple is highly popular in Hindu mythology dedicated to Lord Narasimha Swami; an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Many people visit the temple in Summer and winter seasons and worship, believing that Lord fulfills the devotees wishes.


Famous Restaurants Near Juhu

12 Famous Restaurants Near Juhu, Mumbai

Juhu Beach is one of the best attractions in Mumbai. It faces the Arabian Sea and is the longest beach in Mumbai. The place is famous for its street food stalls and appealing and soothing views of the sunset. Nonetheless, the site encounters celebrities. If you’re exploring the city and want to get some perfect delicacies that shout Mumbai to you, you should not miss out on these newly opened yet must-try eateries near Juhu.


Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad

The Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, The City of Pearls, the City of Nawabs, with its unmatched blend of history and magnificent modernity, beautiful sculptures, hypnotizes whoever visits. The city has no dearth of fascinating tourist attractions, with a history as old as 400 years and the most royal towns in India. Many tourists wonder about the best places to visit in Hyderabad with family, friends, colleagues, children to senior citizens. Everyone will definitely find something of interest to them in the city.


Statue of Equality in Hyderabad

A Few Interesting Facts to Know Before You Visit the Statue of Equality in Hyderabad

Seated cross-legged at the height of 216 feet (66 m), the Statue of Equality is the second-tallest sitting statue in the world. Created in the fond memory of the 11th-century Vaishnavaite Ramanuja, the Statue of Equality has emerged as one of the main tourist attractions in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. However, the rising popularity of this larger-than-life figurine of Saint Ramanujacharya raises many questions and curiosities of tourists, both inside and outside India.