14 Popular Antique Stores in Mumbai – A True Antique Lover Must Visit

Antiques are like treasures from the bygone era that have become more charming with age; perhaps presenting before us the perfect example of “Old is gold”. Though with each passing year trends are continuously changing, it is these antiques that have withstood the test of time and still continue to be prized pieces today.


Donate Clothes to Under Privileged

How to Donate for Underprivileged in Mumbai City – Donation Clubs

We buy things that we don’t really need at times. A lot of times we give into the temptation of crazy discounts and end up hoarding stuff by buying at shopping malls that we aren’t really going to use. If you do this often, you’re likely to end up with a pile of clutter. How about donating some of the things that you don’t really require to someone in need? Read on to find out where you can donate your clothes in Mumbai so that they can reach an underprivileged household. (more…)

10 Museums In Mumbai For Kids Day Out

10 Popular Museums in Mumbai for a Memorable Kids Day Out

Children are always full of questions of why, how, when and where! Sometimes as adults it is magical to see how innocently a child seeks answers to everything in their environment; but as we grow up, the ability to question fades away. To fascinate and encourage the young minds to seek knowledge, museums provide an ocean of knowledge related to subjects like science, art, history, warfare and trade and commerce. (more…)

Rooftop Cafes in Mumbai

5 Famous Rooftop Cafes in Mumbai to Set Your Mood Right

Are you feeling stuck in this concrete jungle? We have a way out! Take a breath of fresh air after a long tiring day or meet and greet your friends, family and loved ones with an exclusive view and delicious food. Living in Mumbai, it is hard to be able to sit under the sky by the candlelight, hog on lip-smacking food and have some soothing music playing in the background. (more…)

Packers and Movers Mumbai

5 Trustworthy Movers and Packers Companies in Mumbai

Half the year has almost gone by and people living in rented houses want to buy their own space; offices and businesses have already begun their search for another place. For those who think living in Mumbai is as easy as breathing, it’s time to burst that bubble. During the monsoon season, finding a house is a task and on top of that, roaming around with cupboards, sofa, bed, cartons and more; may God bless you! Recently I have moved into a new place and I completely understand the struggle of shifting during the pouring hours. Though I had my friends and family to give me a hand by arranging for transport, the struggle was real!