12 Best Places to Visit at Night in Bangalore

The capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru, also called Bangalore, is well-known for its exciting nightlife. Bangalore wakes up to an electrifying nightlife with countless attractions and limitless opportunities as the sun sets. There are many places to visit in Bangalore at night that will appeal to night owls. You’ll be spoiled for choice regarding nighttime activities in Bangalore. Choosing just a few things to do for a fun-filled day out in India’s Silicon Valley is difficult. In this blog, we have condensed a list of top places you can visit in Bangalore at night.

12 Best Places To Hangout In Bangalore At Night:

Whether you’re a nocturnal adventurer seeking exciting nightlife or a peace seeker looking for serene spots under the moonlight, Bangalore has something for everyone. The streets adorned with colorful lights, the lively atmosphere, and a plethora of entertainment options make Bangalore a fantastic destination after dark. Some fun and best places to visit in Bangalore at night are:

1.Explore Kanakapura:


One of the most popular spots to go nature camping in Bangalore during the evening is Kanakapura. Despite being 50 kilometers from Bangalore, trekking is why visitors prefer Kanakapura. The ideal time to travel to Kanakapura is at night to experience the calming effects of the immaculate Hosadoddi Lake.

Try camping at Kanakapura at midnight. You’ll get a thrill and excitement from it. In addition to nature camping, you may take advantage of various other activities like sightseeing, kayaking, rappelling, coracle riding, and natural animal viewing. One of the best places to visit in Bangalore with friends at night is Kanakapura.

2. Enjoy delicious meals at Richie Rich:

Richie Rich in Bangalore

One of the intriguing places to visit in Bangalore at night, where one can enjoy a feast, is Richie Rich. It is an eatery serving Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s most popular vegetarian dishes include Papdi chaat, Thick Shake, Bombay Sandwich, Tawa Pulav, and Pav Bhaji.

This restaurant has a delightful atmosphere, which makes it easy to take some good photos for your records. Even though the food at this restaurant is a little pricey, you will still enjoy tasting it. Because of this, Richie Rich is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore at night for couples.

3 . Explore VV Puram food street:

VV Puram food street

VV Puram Road is a popular destination for nighttime visitors to Bangalore because of its delicious Chaat and Thindi Beedi. In addition, numerous food stands serve delectable street cuisine at about 8 p.m. The unique delicacies one must sample here are the Sweet Buns, including varieties such as Congress Buns and Sweet Buns from VB Bakeries.

The foods that VV Puram Food Street sells are Masala Dosa, Gobhi Manchurian Roll, Bajjis and Bondas, Rasgulla Chaat, Pani Puri, Twister Potatoes, Fire Paan, Pasta, and American Corn. VV Puram Food Street is a popular place to visit in Bangalore at night with family since it is open until one in the morning.

4. Visit the coconut grove:

Coconut grave in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for its coastal South Indian food. When in Bangalore, you must try them at least once. South Indian cuisine from the coast is highly recognized at Coconut Grove. Visitors are given a warm feeling by this location’s traditional coastal interior design.

Situated in the Spencer’s Building, Coconut Grove welcomes guests till late at night and provides a wide array of South Indian culinary options. Because of all these, Coconut Grove is one of Bangalore’s popular night spots. Coconut Grove combines Portuguese and Spanish civilizations with South Indian culture.

5. Eat at Biryani Knights:

Biryani Knights in Bengaluru

Biryani Knights is one of the most popular destinations for biryani lovers in Bangalore regarding nighttime activities. This is because they provide more than just a few biryani varieties. It serves delicious biryanis with chicken, egg, and vegetable options. Take a refreshing drive to South Bangalore to enjoy this spicy, delicious rice dish.

On this Biryani Knights menu, in addition to Biryani, you may have kebabs, 65 chicken, spicy chicken, Neer dosa, soft beverages, and chicken sukka. This restaurant is open on weekdays until 1 am; on weekends, it is open until 4 am. These are all considered to be popular and best places to visit at night in Bangalore.

6. Visit rasta café:

rasta café

Situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway lies Rasta Cafe. This cafe offers entertainment and a place to unwind. You may enjoy anything here, including the pool, board games, and nachos. In addition, this cafe features a lovely garden that is thoughtfully planned to provide couples with a joyful experience while they play games and eat. Because of this F, Rasta Cafe is one of the best spots for friends and couples to go out at night in Bangalore.

7. Explore the brigade road:

brigade road

Brigade Road lies right in the center of the CBD. Street shopping is reasonably priced every day here. You can see a lot of stylish clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, and delectable food items on the street here. Brigade Road is a great place to shop at a reasonable price. It is open until 9:00 p.m. It is, hence, one of the nighttime destinations in Bangalore.

8. Go for a Skandagiri trek:

Skandagiri trek

Bangalore is an excellent place for nature enthusiasts. For an unforgettable experience, register for the Skandagiri night trek. Situated only a few hours’ drive from the city, Skandagiri provides a 4- to 5-hour walk. Examine the stars, gather around a campfire with new acquaintances, and hear the birds chirping as the sun rises. This is one of the best places to visit at night in Bangalore for the peace-loving night owl who enjoys hiking.

9. Head out to Ramanagara:


Trek across the rocky hills at night, the location for the famous film Sholay. Bangalore is only fifty kilometers (or thirty miles) away from Ramanagara. Sip hot coffee at the Rasta Cafe while you watch the wheels pass across the Bangalore-Mysore highway. This is one of the best night out places near Bangalore. Explore the exciting location by hiking among the stones. Make a fantastic, snug camp and have an exciting night camping beneath the stars, away from the city, in the middle of nature. Take your group and relax among the granite rocks and beautiful vegetation.

10. Grab street food at Sajjan Rao Circle Eat Street:

Sajjan Rao Circle Eat Street in Bangalore

The entire street of Bangalore’s Sajjan Rao Circle is lined with restaurants. This eatery offers many delicious dishes, including Chinese and North Indian fare. This restaurant serves tasty, reasonably priced meals that are easy on the palette. Bangaloreans can eat till two in the morning along the entire street. Bangalore’s Sajjan Rao Circle Eat-Street is a bustling hub for nightlife. Enjoy dinner here and give late-night nibbling a new spin.

11. Enjoy a night under the stars at High Ultra Lounge:

high ultra lounge

At Bangalore’s Ultra High Lounge, the sky is the limit. One of Bangalore’s greatest spots for a night out is on its 31st-floor rooftop. It’s an elegant lounge featuring a restaurant and bar under the stars. There are four dining rooms available for guests to remain in; each has been thoughtfully crafted to have a distinct ambiance and mood. You may dance under the stars on the dance floor and bar. You may enjoy dining, drinking, dancing, and partying while also taking in a gorgeous, expansive view of the city and night sky! This is easily one of the best night places to visit in Bangalore.

12. Visit the Indigo live music bar:

Indigo live music bar

There are clubs in Bangalore’s key districts. One well-known club that regularly hosts themed events is Indigo Live Music. This location has always supported Bangalore’s nightlife. This is one of Bangalore’s oldest and most well-liked locations for great music. As the most thrilling spot in town, Indigo has lived up to its reputation. Some of the top DJs in the nation spin records at the spot. It also provides a stage for numerous rock musicians all week long. The two-story pub’s rooftop offers a stunning view of the downtown skyline. This is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore at night with friends.

Final Words:

Bangalore is a testament to the variety of experiences that may be had once the city lights come on, from the smooth contemplations on Ulsoor Lake to the throbbing beats of Indiranagar’s nightlife scene. This city offers something for any night adventurer, whether thrill-seekers, culture vultures, or someone who loves the peace and quiet of a moonlit stroll.

As you strategize your evenings in Bangalore, remember that this is only a small selection. The city’s vibrant energy guarantees that there’s always something fresh to find, a little-known treasure to find, or an occasion that lights up your evening.

Explore the cityscape, feel the pulse of the evening, and allow Bangalore’s allure during off-peak hours to leave you with enduring memories. Experience the nocturnal magic of Garden City, whether you’re dancing the night away, enjoying street food under the stars, or finding comfort in the quiet corners.

Here’s to the thrill of Bangalore at night!

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