Butter Chickenwala – The Delivery-Only Outlet at Powai

Located in Tulsi Kunj chawl opposite Mukteshwar Ashram near IIT Powai, Mumbai, Butter Chickenwala is a delivery-only based restaurant that accepts only online orders and offers no dine-in facility. This place is highly appreciated for the freshness and authenticity of the food it delivers. Known for serving authentic North Indian food, Butter Chickenwala prepares all the dishes in a unique way with no added preservatives and artificial colors.

The name of the ghost kitchen “Butter Chickenwala” itself suggests that it must be well known for chicken dishes, namely Butter Chicken for sure, Chicken Lollipop, Pesto Chicken Tikka and Chicken 65. However, the restaurant has a lot of vegetarian options too, like Paneer Matar, Veg Kadai, Reshmi Paneer Tikka and many more. On the menu card, you can find plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Mughlai, North Indian, and Asian cuisine.

Here are some of their most appreciated dishes that you must try:

1. Tandoori Chicken

One can feel the real aroma of the dish being tandoori. This dish is surely going to make you drool and is a must try for tandoori chicken lovers. The roasted chicken is marinated really well in the spices, oil, curd, salt, and lemon juice. Served with sliced onions atop and a side accompaniment of green chutney, it only gets more presentable and delectable.

roasted chicken tandoori chicken lovers

2. Butter Chicken

This buttery dish which is also their signature dish is certainly going to make your heart melt. Prepared with ample butter, fresh tomato puree, cream, and fenugreek leaves, the soft and tender chicken pieces in red gravy are just mouthwatering. The aroma of the dish reveals how dedicatedly it is cooked. Anyone who is going to taste it is certainly going to sing praises of it.

soft and tender Butter Chicken pieces

3. Phuljadi Kebab

Among the entire vegetarian dishes available at the place, Phuljadi Kebab is the game winner. As the name says Phuljadi Kebab, this dish is actually lip smacking. Prepared with boiled potatoes, perfectly minced onions, and bell peppers with coriander atop, the dish is served with green chutney accompanied by sliced onions and carrots. These crunchy kebabs taste sweet and spicy and become more tempting with each successive bite.

crunchy Phuljadi kebabs

4. Chicken Clay Pot Dum Biryani

We must say, this is the authentic dum biryani everyone must try. This delicious chicken dish is prepared by cooking chicken and rice in steam and loaded with ghee in a clay pot. The biryani is prepared with marinated chicken, rice, spices, and essential herbs and tastes wonderful.

authentic Chicken dum biryani

Overall, the dishes served at Butter Chickenwala are unbeatable in taste and quantity. Therefore, there is no denying in considering this place as a hidden gem for chicken lovers. So, whenever you are feeling hungry and falling short of time to cook food or have unexpected guests at home, all you need to do is order the scrumptious food from here. The food to be delivered is nicely packed and delivered hot and fresh at your doorstep on time. So, when are you going to place an order with Butter Chickenwala?