Top 10 Road Trips to Take from Mumbai

With all its hustle-bustle, Mumbai is a city that everyone craves to live in. However, the fast paced life of the city can get exhausting after a while, and everyone needs to take a break from this busy lifestyle. What better way is there to unwind than to go on a long drive with your close ones right into the heart of nature?

Trip on the Road!

Hitting the road with your buddies or even all by yourself is a fun experience, and if the road is a beautiful one, it’s all the more reason for you to head out into the open! Here are the best routes from Mumbai for your road trip. Many of these are also the best weekend getaways near Mumbai.

1. Mumbai to Lonavala

Every Mumbaikar visits Lonavala at least once in their lives. This hill-station is a weekend getaway for many and is very well connected to the city. A road trip through the beautiful Western Ghats to Lonavala is a scenic paradise and you will definitely love to drive on the smooth roads and enjoy the scenery.


2. Mumbai to Goa

This famous route has even been depicted in many movies like Dil Chahta Hai and is one of the most scenic driving routes in the country. This road passes by paddy fields and goes winding all the way to Goa through the Western Ghats.


3. Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

A trip to the highest hill station in the Western Ghats is definitely one of the most beautiful and peaceful drives in the state along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. You’ll get to see blooming strawberry fields on the way and notice streams of water flowing during the monsoons!


4. Mumbai to Alibaug

A short distance away from Mumbai, the drive to Alibaug is a short one, but you get to see many empty roads with lush vegetation on both sides while going there. The lovely beaches and forts here are definitely worth visiting and a ride on a bike here is a wonderful experience with the cool breeze.


5. Mumbai to Matheran

The only automobile free hill station in Asia has a beautiful winding road that takes you to the summit from where you have to walk down to reach the town. The road has some spectacular views of the valley and city beneath and this is all the reason you need to drive here! It is also one of the best places around Mumbai to visit in monsoon.


6. Mumbai to Malshej Ghat

This one is specially reserved for monsoons when you can actually pass through waterfalls that cut the roads here. The road is beautiful through the Western Ghats and has some serene views of the lush vegetation in the valleys here.

malshej ghat

7. Mumbai to Aurangabad

A long trip to Aurangabad is for all the history buffs who wish to explore the ancient tombs and temples in this city. You can also drive to the Ajanta and Ellora caves and explore the beautiful carvings there.


8. Mumbai to Tarkali

A nearly 10 hour drive from Mumbai, Tarkali is the perfect place to unwind by the beach with views of the mountains and several waterfalls around. The clear skies here ensure that all the astro-photography lovers will have their fair share of photos. You could also go for scuba diving here!


9. Mumbai to Pune

A trip to this megacity of Maharashtra from Mumbai is a short one but is filled with good many numbers of tunnels and has some spellbinding views of the valleys. Best travelled during the monsoon season, this route is an easy and comfortable drive for all.


10. Mumbai to Igatpuri

A trip to the town near Nashik where you can find peace is all you need to blow your stress away. The peaceful environment here with the mountains around makes it a pleasant outing and you can also go for some fun treks around.


If you’ve never taken a road trip, it’s about time that you indulge in this fun-filled activity. The long roads help you unwind and discover yourself like never before. Do let us know your experiences in the comments below once you go to these destinations!

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