Top 18 Delicious Street Foods to Eat at Dadar – Mumbai

Dadar literally means ladder in Marathi. It is a densely populated area and serves as a hub for local and national connectivity because of the fact that it connects the Western and Central Railway Lines of Mumbai. Fun fact- This is the birth place of Vada Pav. Yes! It was invented right outside Dadar station 40 years back. The history of this area goes back by 4 centuries and although due to rapid development most of the area is dotted with modern buildings, one can still find traces of the old Mumbai here.

The area is popular for traditional Maharashtrian dishes but in a city like Mumbai, one can never run out of options to eat thanks to thousands of eateries ranging from simple street-side stalls to uptown restaurants that dot the city’s landscape.

Climbing the Food Ladder in Dadar

Being a railway junction, Dadar is an area that is bustling with energy throughout the day. The fast paced life of Mumbai can be witnessed right here. With little time to stop and eat, people prefer the quick service street food that is handy and can be consumed on the go. In this crowded area, one may feel lost while searching for a decent place to grab a quick bite. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done all the hard work and compiled a list of the best places to eat in the area.

1. Chole Puri- Hotel Suprabha Pure Veg

This simple chole puri dish brings a very homely feel along with it. It is the perfect chole puri that one can ask for; the chole are cooked very well and are soft to bite and give a good feel. The masala added in the chole is adequately spicy and gives a delicious overall flavor to it. The puris are freshly made and are crisp and aren’t really oily as one would expect and are actually light to consume. This is a scrumptious combination that is filling for your stomach as well, it shows that even simple dishes can be delightful to consume.

  • Where: Near Dadar Railway Station, Dadar East
  • Price: ₹ 70.00
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended Combinations: Coldrinks/Tea
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Pav Bhaji

2. Mini Roasted Walnut Cake- Merwans

Eating this cake gives you a royal feel. The texture of this cake is so soft that it just melts in your mouth on biting. The sweetness level is just perfect and can please every consumer. The cake is baked with pieces of walnut inside it and these hard pieces complement the soft cake perfectly. This cake has a very homely feel attached to it, probably because it is freshly baked.

  • Where: Shop No-13, Samartha Hig, Gokhale Road, North, Bhavani Shankar, Dadar(west)
  • Price: ₹ 50.00
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Puffs and Cakes available

3. Fresh Mango served at -301°F!

The ice creams here are made LIVE in front of you. The very experience of seeing your ice cream taking shape before you is delightful. The flavor of the ice cream is so realistic that you feel that you’re actually eating a mango! This is a must visit place.

  • Where: 3, Amar Kunj, Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar (W) – 400028
  • Price: ₹ 90.00
  • Rating: 4/5

4. Belgian Bites- Apsara Ice Cream

Rich and dark chocolate is the highlight of this delish ice cream. The chocolate shavings make it chocolatier and give you something crunchy to chew upon. This is a must have ice cream when heading to this place.

  • Where: 2, Amar Kunj, Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar (W) – 400028
  • Price: ₹60.00
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Caramel Crumble

5. Tamarind Twist- Apsara Ice Cream

Yes! Tamarind ice cream is real. This is one flavor which is probably found only in Mumbai. The chilled ice cream with the sour taste of tamarind is an absolute treat to have. One can actually feel that they are consuming frozen tamarind while having the ice cream. This unique ice cream definitely deserves to be tried!

  • Where: 2, Amar Kunj, Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar (W) – 400028
  • Price: ₹ 60.00
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Slurpy Sugarcane

6. Spring Dosa- Café Mani

The dosa here is crispy and crimson colored, which makes it really attractive. It is stuffed with a concoction of flavorsome vegetables which are topped with mayonnaise. The stuffing gives out a distinct taste of lemon that is pleasant to the taste buds. The mayo plays a spoilsport to the taste by suppressing the other flavors but reduces the overall spiciness and makes the dish suitable for all. The coconut chutney is a disappointment though; it seemed to be unsalted but the dosa managed to cover up that aspect. The garlic chutney goes very well with the dosa.

  • Where: Ranade Road, Dadar station (west), below nakshatra mall
  • Price: ₹ 60.00
  • Rating: 3.5/5

7. Vegetable Puff Patties in White Sauce- Merwans

This is a very affordable quick bite snack item priced at just INR.12! The puff pattie is crisp and the stuffing is mixed very well with the white sauce. The proportions of the white sauce, pepper and salt are just perfect and give you distinct tastes of all the ingredients.

  • Where: Shop No – 13, Samartha Hig, Gokhale Road, North, Bhavani Shankar, Dadar(west)
  • Price: ₹ 12.00
  • Rating: 3.5/5

8. Bhajni Vade with Lemonade- Trupti

Bhajni Vade is a Malvani dish made up of rice, wheat and bajra flour mix. The dish has the basic Indian cooking masalas. It’s a crispy dish and is a treat to consume. Sweet or salted lemonade is the perfect sidekick for this dish.

  • Where: 8, Aakansha, NC Kelkar Marg, Plaza Cinema, Dadar (W) – 400028
  • Price: ₹80.00
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended Combinations: Sabudana Vada with Kokam Juice

9. Ambe Dal- Gypsy Corner

This is a yummy dish with a high nutritional value. It comprises of chana dal, grated coconut, mustard seeds and coriander. This is topped with shredded pieces of “kachcha” mango, which gives it a good sour flavor. This dish is definitely worth a try among all these other not so nutritional dishes.

  • Where: 120, Keluskar Rd, Dadar (W) 400028
  • Price: ₹ 75.00
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Pav Bhaji

10. Schezwan Cheese Vada Pav- Azad Jumbo Vada Pav

This is one cheesy treat that must not be missed by anyone, not just the vada pav lovers. Spicy schezwan sauce and melted cheese are added to the freshly made vada pav and served; each bite gives you bursts of spicy cheese in your mouth that is just delightful to experience and gets your taste buds excited! The whole dish has a very satisfying feel attached to it and makes you want to go for one more thanks to its amazing flavor.

  • Where: Outside Dadar Railway Station, Dadar East
  • Price: ₹ 30.00
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended Combinations: Coldrinks
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Cheese Vadapav

11. Kanchipuram Rawa Idli- Kamat Veg. Fast Food

Ah! The mini South India of Dadar is here. The food here is served in the traditional manner on a banana leaf. The idli is delectable and is filled with assorted dry fruits that give you a variety of tastes in each bite. This simple delicacy is soft and powdery in texture and has the right blend of spices which allows you to experience the taste of all the ingredients. It is topped with shredded carrot and served with coconut and coriander chutneys. The only drawback is that it isn’t freshly prepared, or at least wasn’t when we had the opportunity to try it.

  • Where: Shop# 12, Vijay Nagar Building, Near Dadar Railway Station, Dadar (W) – 400028
  • Price: ₹ 75.00
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Misal Pav

12. Non-Veg Thali- Street Side Stall

This basic thali comprises of rice, chapatti, chicken curry and pickle. The quantity of rice served is good but isn’t cooked very well and needs to be chewed.  The chapatis are very well cooked and melt in your mouth. The chicken gravy is slightly oily but the chicken is made very well and the whole dish gives a very distinct taste of raw coconut. Lemon pickle is served along with the dish. The menu here is different every day and the operating hours are just from 12:30PM to 2PM.

  • Where: Ranade Road, opp Wamanhari Pethe, Dadar(west)
  • Price: ₹ 100.00
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: veg and non-veg thali

13. Special Mutter Pulao- Swami Samarthan

This place has something new to offer every single day. Non-Veg dishes are available on Wednesdays and Fridays only. The rice in this dish is slightly overcooked and has less salt. The peas are subjected to excess boiling to make sure they are soft. The gravy is delicious with a hint coconut, which imparts a sweet taste to the dish and is hot towards the end. The rice and gravy complement each other well and make this dish worth having. This place operates between 9:15AM-3:30PM and 6:30PM-8:30PM and Sunday is a half day.

  • Where: Ranade Road, opp Wamanhari Pethe, Dadar(west)
  • Price: ₹ 25.00
  • Rating: 2.5/5

14. White and Red Mixed Pasta- Sam’s Corner

This pasta tastes tangy from the first bite and it is nearly impossible to get distinct tastes of the other ingredients. The corn used is raw and undercooked; this gives it a crunchy feeling which is nice. The capsicums are well cooked and add to the experience. The cheese used is good and adds to the taste. The white sauce gives it a creamy texture but is slightly bland. Excessive oregano is sprinkled on it, probably to give the dish some spicy flavor. Overall, the blend of red and white sauce is worth to try.

  • Where: Shivaji Park, Dadar (west)
  • Price: ₹ 120.00
  • Rating: 2/5

15. Pav Bhaji- Hotel Nanda

This delicious looking Pav Bhaji is average in taste. The quality of bhaji is average, salt isn’t mixed properly, it is undercooked and the garam masala and coriander taste raw. The bhaji turned out to be very chewy but the taste is pretty decent for the price that it is offered at. The Pavs on the other hand are fresh and well fried in butter and are saviors for this dish. Overall it is a satisfying dish, probably the reason why it’s popular.

  • Where: Ranade Road, Dadar station (west), opp survodya super market.
  • Price: ₹ 105.00
  • Rating: 2/5

16. Kotambir Wadi- Street Side Stall

The Wadi here is cooked properly but the salt seems to be lesser than necessary. The chutney here is average and has no salt in it. The overall dish is very bland and allows you to taste the ingredients properly. Try this unique dish here.

  • Where: Ranade Road, near Wamanhari Pethe, in front of Manohar Watch Company, Dadar(west)
  • Price: ₹ 25.00
  • Rating: 1/5

17. Dabeli- Street Side Stall

The Pav here is slightly over-fried and is hard to bite but has a distinct taste of coriander and fennel seeds (saunf). The dabeli has a hint of sweetness due to the crushed bananas but has less salt and a raw taste overall. Lot of garam masala is added to it and this gives it a very nice flavor.

  • Where: Ranade Road, opp Wamanhari Pethe, Dadar(west)
  • Price: ₹ 10.00
  • Rating: 1/5

18. Omlette Sandwich- Café Colony Stores and Restaurants

This is a simple yet perfect bread omelette that one can ask for. Butter is applied generously on the breads here and adds to the overall flavor of the dish. The eggs are cooked very well and give you a soft and crispy feel when eating. This omelet served here is the perfect breakfast dish to kick start your day in style.

  • Where: Shrikant Lodge, Corner of Tilak Bridge, Dadar T.T, Dadar East
  • Price: ₹ 60.00
  • Rating: 1/5

We hope that this list will serve as a helpful guide to you through the food landscape of Dadar. If you have tried food from any of these places before and found a dish that stands out (or doesn’t), do let us know in the comments below. If you do happen to spot any other good places in the area, let us know so that we can share it with our community!

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