Top 10 Places in Mumbai for Lovely Sunset Views

Don’t we all just love to see the sun rise and set, marking the beginning and end of a day? This is a daily event, but we still travel miles to see it from some exotic spots to get a picture-perfect moment. One of the best places to see this is over the sea.

Crossing the Horizon

Mumbai is situated right next to the vast Arabian Sea, and this makes it a perfect spot to see stunning sunsets. With some pretty beaches and high-rise buildings, you can be assured that the sunset that you’ll see in Mumbai will be among the best you’ve ever seen. We’ve compiled a list of the best spots to catch the sun kissing the horizon for your viewing pleasure!

1. Juhu Beach

Located in the Juhu locality of Mumbai, this beach is a favorite among many Mumbaikars. It is common to see the beach bubbling with huge crowds on every single day of the year, especially to have the delicious street food that you get there. If you prefer a more peaceful sunset, you can head to Gadda Da Vida, which is one of the best places in Mumbai for romantic dates.

2. Girgaum Chowpatty

Girgaum Chowpatty is one of the best beaches in Mumbai and without doubt one of the best places to see sunsets too. The lively crowd, the food stalls and the park here make for a great outing before and after the sunset as well. Some great eateries around make it a pleasant location to sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa while watching the waves hit the shores gently.

3. Versova Beach

One of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai, the Versova Beach has a comparatively peaceful atmosphere and is for those folks who wish to see the sundown in a tranquil environment. You may not find as many food stalls here but the restaurants close to the beach are plenty. You can see the sundown and then head over to these places for an intimate date.

4. Marine Drive

How can we forget THE most amazing hangout spot of the city? Marine Drive is known for its beautiful view of the Mumbai skyline, and combined with the sun touching the horizon, makes for a great spot to be around every evening. Not only will you find some of the most amazing eateries around here but you can also jog on the long coastline to remain fit post the gastronomic indulgences.

5. Bandra Fort

From this centuries old fort in Bandra, not only can you get glimpses of modern India by seeing the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link but can also see some stunning sunsets. Every evening, this place is packed with people who come here to escape the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy the peaceful view of the city skyline and cars passing on the sea link.

6. Global Vipassana Pagoda

This peaceful haven away from the city’s noise is a great place to relax and get enlightened by Vipassana Meditation. The golden colored pagoda shines every evening during the dusk hours and you can see the magnificent beauty of its construction at this time. With lush greenery all around and a shimmering pagoda in view, this is definitely one of the most unique sunsets you’ll see in Mumbai.

7. Hanging Gardens

These gardens located on the top of the Malabar Hill are ‘hanging’ because they are landscaped on the slope of the hill. Not only do they provide an escape from the city life but also give you a great spot to see sunsets. The elevation of the hill makes it an amazing place to see the sun touching the horizon with the city in view.

8. Dadar Beach

This beach hidden away from sight in Dadar attracts fewer crowds than most in the city. However, during evening hours, even it starts buzzing with people who come to see the beautiful sunset over the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. This spot makes for a great silhouette photo of the bridge with the sun in the backdrop. For a special treat, take one of the best vada pavs in Mumbai from Ashok Vada Pav stall and eat it while watching the sunset at the beach.

9. Pizza By The Bay

Experience the joy of having delectable thin-crust gourmet pizza along with a mesmerising view of the Arabian Sea at Pizza By The Bay. For all the pizza-lovers, this place is nothing short of heaven for you. Although Pizza By The Bay is slightly on the expensive side, the carefully curated menu along with courteous staff will ensure that you have a memorable experience here.

10. Carter Road Promenade

This is another of Mumbai’s favourite promenade for all the fitness enthusiasts, who are often spotted jogging along this scenic promenade during dusk. This place is also popular among all those who leisurely want to witness the sun go down the horizon. Grab a coffee or a bite of your favourite fast food as you enjoy the amazing view and cool breeze.

If you are yet to see the splendid sundowns of Mumbai, go out and see it today, because you’re missing out on something that’ll definitely make your day better. Do not forget to let us know your experiences in the comments below. If you do come across any other place from where the sunsets look great, do let our readers know.

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