10 Best Places For Rappelling Near Mumbai

Mumbai is a metropolis located near the Western Ghats and receives abundant rainfall every year. The Western Ghats are among the best weekend getaways from Mumbai, as there are many hill stations on them. They are popular for various adventure sports like trekking and rappelling. Luckily for Mumbaikars, all these activities are just at a stone’s throw away.

Descend Some Waterfalls!

In rappelling, you are hung off a hill with nothing but a thick rope to support you. The view of the valley below is enough to make adrenaline rush through your veins. Small waterfalls start off during the monsoon in many hills near Mumbai, and these become major rappelling sites during this time. Spotting these sites can be difficult and time consuming, so for your convenience, we have listed down the best of them!

1. Kasara Waterfall

Kasara is a town located in Thane district and is about a two-hour drive from Mumbai. The Kasara waterfall is the perfect place to go rappelling. The drop is about 80 feet here, and you will have water pouring down on you throughout the descent; quite an experience! The thrill of actually walking on a waterfall is simply amazing.

Distance: 105km
Difficulty: Easy

2. Lonavala

The rappelling in one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai, Lonavala is done at Dudhiware Waterfall, which is located a couple of kilometers away. The walk from base village to the waterfall is perfect to set the tone for the activity. You have amazing views of the valley around you while descending the massive waterfall.

Distance: 90km
Difficulty: Easy

3. Dodhani Waterfall

Dodhani Waterfalls are located at the base of Matheran hills and are easily accessible by road. Descending 75 feet on the waterfall with water gushing down and exerting its force on you while splashing on your face is a thrilling experience. Make sure that you visit in the monsoon season to experience the full force of water.

Distance: 80km
Difficulty: Easy

4. Bhivpuri Waterfall

Bhivpuri is connected to Mumbai via Karjat by the Mumbai Suburban Railway and is a small village. Bekare Waterfalls are the main attraction here, and this is where you can go for your rappelling adventure. Descending down the waterfall here is just as much fun as the others and gives you a kick like no other. The beautiful surroundings only amplify the experience.

Distance: 80km
Difficulty: Easy

5. Kundalika River Waterfall

Kundalika River is famous for its high currents, which makes it an ideal place for river rafting experiences. You can walk to the nearby waterfall from the village and then descend the 135 feet waterfall with a huge amount of water flowing over you. This waterfall is seasonal, so it is not available throughout the year.

Distance: 120km
Difficulty: Moderate

6. Madap Waterfalls

Madap Waterfalls are located in Khopoli in a village called Madap. You can trek from the village to the falls and then descend the 120 feet cascading falls which will give you a chance to take in the beautiful scenery around too! Even though the rope is always there for safety, the sheer force of water is enough to give you the thrills!

Distance: 75km
Difficulty: Moderate

7. Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley is located near Bhandardara and the closest village to it is Samrad. You need to take a long trek to reach the waterfalls here, but the arduous trek is definitely worth the experience. The valley is completely filled with water and sometimes you may have to make way through neck deep water! The mighty 120 feet rappelling spot is the perfect place to have an intense rappelling session.

Distance: 122km
Difficulty: Moderate

8. Konkan Kada

This two day long trip involves trekking to the Harishchandragad Fort under moonlight first and then camping for the night in Ganesh Caves. The next day, you can go to the 4,671 foot high Konkan Kada cliff for the most thrilling rappelling experience. The ethereal surroundings while descending this cliff are the only things that will give you the confidence to undertake this adventure activity. Be prepared to have your heart pounding with fear!

Distance: 200km
Difficulty: Difficult

9. Kondana Caves

Kondana Waterfall is located in Karjat on the way to Rajmachi Fort. You will need to trek to the waterfalls here, and on the way, you have magnificent views of the Buddhist Caves here. The 115 feet waterfall has a moderate flow of water, which is great for all those first-timers.

Distance: 75km
Difficulty: Easy

10. Vihigaon

Vihigaon is connected to Mumbai by the Suburban Railway and the closest station is Kasara. The site of rappelling here is the Ashoka Waterfalls which will give you a chance to descend 120 feet while taking in the beautiful sight of the surrounding environment. The thundering sound of water lashing down on the rocks and you while descending the waterfall only adds to the thrill-factor. You could also go for canoeing and canyoning here!

Distance: 115km
Difficulty: Moderate

The thrill of hanging by nothing but a rope is great and is definitely worth experiencing! If you have been to any of the above places, do let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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