Top 5 Dishes To Try At BYOB – Build Your Own Burger

Burger lovers have a lot of places to look forward to in Mumbai thanks to the city’s amazing food scene. You really have so many options to choose from that it is very easy to be confused about which ones you should choose. While most places serve delicious burgers, there are only a few which let you make your burger yourself!

Burger Love!

While we all know the most common usage of the acronym BYOB, one cafe in Andheri has set out to redefine this word. BYOB at this place stands for Build Your Own Burger and that is exactly what they let you do – make your own burger! Let’s check out some of the best dishes and options they have to offer.

1. Mother Clucker Burger

This wholesome burger has a herbed minced chicken patty that is stuffed with loads of cheese and smoked salami. This patty is laid on a bed of iceberg and is topped with onion jam and a layer of fried egg. The patty is as big as the bun and causes a burst of juices in your mouth with every bite. The flavors complement each other in a way that will please all your taste buds and at the end of it all, the burger will leave you with a full stomach.

2. Cottage House Mafia

As the name suggests, this burger has paneer written all over it! Cottage cheese lovers will absolutely adore this burger that comes with paneer and schezwan sauce patty. The patty is topped with finely chopped onions and laid on a bed of khimchi. The soft paneer patty melts in your mouth and gives out a tangy flavor.

3. Bye Bye Birdy

This one’s for the chicken lovers out there. If you love chicken wings, you’ll absolutely love this dish. Juicy chicken wings are seasoned with a blend of spices and are then fried in a hot and tangy sauce. The tender wings and soft to bite and have a distinct flavor of barbecue sauce. The quantity of the wings is generous too; you’ll be full before you know it!

4. Cheese Bombs

Cheesegasm! That’s what you get when you bite into one of these cheese ‘bombs’. The crunchy cheese balls are soft at the center and are filled with loads of melted cheese before frying. When you bite into them, you’ll find cheese flowing out from all the sides. Simply put, this cheesy delight is absolutely perfect. Whether you’re a cheese lover or not, you’ll definitely love it.

5. Oreo Strawberry Milkshake

Oreo and strawberry lovers behold! This milkshake is the perfect thirst quencher and it not only quenches your thirst but also makes you crave for one more glass at the same time. Made with a perfect mixture of strawberry and Oreo, this shake is topped with Oreo biscuit to give you that added crunch! This is the perfect accompaniment to the burgers or any other dishes and provides a cooling element as well.

This week, BYOB is having a Spicy Burger Challenge. If you can eat their Fire In the Hole burger within a minute, you can win Rs. 10,000 cash voucher! If you can finish it within 5 minutes, you can still win Rs. 1000 cash voucher! The huge burger is stuffed with a chicken patty but has the hottest sauce made by man and jalapenos too. Do you think you have it in you to win it? If you think so, head over to BYOB this week and give you luck a chance; the contest is running until 27th May, so hurry up!

Have you visited BYOB and built your very own burger before? If so, do let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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