Top 10 Cleanest Cities in India

The cleanliness of a city is one of the most important factors when considering a place to move. When we talk about cleanliness, it’s not just the waste management of the city but also the sanitation facilities available for the citizens. Thanks to the Swachh Bharat Mission, there has been a tremendous improvement in cleanliness throughout the country.

The Importance Of Sanitation

Based on various surveys conducted over the past few years, the cleanest cities of India have been identified and listed down. Here, we present the 10 cleanest cities in India you can consider if you’re looking to get away from all the larger and more polluted cities.

1. Indore

The largest city of Madhya Pradesh has been declared as the cleanest city in India. Filled with both heritage and modern buildings, this city also serves as the commercial capital of the state. With deployment of special vans and garbage collection vehicles, the municipal corporation of the city managed to clean it up thoroughly in the past decade.

2. Bhopal

This historic city has witnessed some tragic events in the past but has risen up to become the second cleanest city in India. A fusion of modern and historic buildings marks the cityscape of Bhopal. You could visit the National Museum of Mankind and the Gohar Mahal on your visit here.

3. Visakhapatnam

One of the major coastal cities of India, Visakhapatnam has long been known for its naval base and flourishing port. However, with special emphasis given to the development of sanitation facilities in the city by the municipal corporation, this city climbed up the rankings and bagged the third spot.

4. Surat

Surat is located right on the banks of the Tapti River in Gujarat and is known for its diamond trade internationally and as a textile hub. This sprawling city has developed into one of the fastest developing in the country, and the municipal corporation has ensured that they keep up with the standards of cleanliness. You can find clean roads and buildings all across the city.

5. Mysore

You must have come across the picture of the sprawling Mysore Palace of the Wadiyar dynasty or perhaps a photo of the vast campus of Infosys. This city has numerous heritage monuments and is also known for its sandalwood. The local government has ensured that this tourist destination maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and this reflects on its air quality as well.

6. Tiruchirappalli

Commonly known as Trichy, this city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has been ruled by great ancient empires like the Cholas. Many prominent temples dot this city’s landscape, and you can visit the Rock Fort Temple or the Puliancholai Falls on your visit here. In spite of a huge population, the local governing authorities have ensured that public sanitation facilities are well maintained.

7. New Delhi

The capital of India may be plagued by its extremely poor air quality and smog throughout the year but it does deserve some credit for maintaining cleanliness throughout. Wide roads all across the city are kept spic and span throughout the year and so are the hundreds of monuments which are important tourist attractions too.

8. Navi Mumbai

Post the saturation of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai was developed with great planning and so it has maintained its standards of cleanliness in spite of the staggering growth in population in the past few decades. It is slowly growing into a business hub and has many recreational areas as well, like the Central Park and Kharghar Hills.

9. Tirupati

This religious town in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh draws millions of devotees every year who come to seek blessings from the almighty. With such a huge population inflow and outflow on a daily basis, maintaining cleanliness and proper sanitation facilities are of great importance and the governing authority has excelled at it.

10. Vadodara

One of the largest cities in Gujarat, Vadodara is the cultural capital of the state and has many historical places like the Lakshmi Vilas Palace. With special programs to promote public health and sanitation as well as cleanliness throughout the city, the local authorities have succeeded in getting a major chunk of waste out of its streets. It is common to find posters about cleaning the city throughout Vadodara.

Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of your city? What improvements would you like in terms of public sanitation and other facilities? If you have visited any of the above mentioned cities, do let us know your observations about their cleanliness.

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