Top 10 Popular Places for Camping Near Mumbai

While we sit in the comfort of our homes in sprawling cities and look up at the heavens, all we can see is a dark sky with a moon. Our lives in cities, however interesting, start becoming dull because of the repetitive routine that modern day civilization has created. Mumbai is a metropolis and is no exception from any other city in the world; the fast paced life of the city and drudgery eventually gets to everyone. Everyone needs a break from routine, and what better way is there than going into the arms of nature and camping?

 Sleeping Under the Stars

Camping! Everyone’s ears become wide open on hearing this word, don’t they? The whole experience of going out and staying in the midst of wilderness with all but a tent to protect you is an adventure in itself. The peace of being away from civilization and sitting under the starry night is a fun-filled one, and thankfully for us, Mumbai has quite a few places close-by where camping is a lot of fun. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 places around Mumbai for Camping.

1. Uttan

Situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra, Uttan is a small town along the coastline beyond Gorai. We drove to the area and were absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful coastline here and instantly fell in love with the place. Thick forests were all around us and this made it a perfect environment for camping.

There are many camp sites available here as well, if you don’t intend to camp by yourself. The experience of staying in a tent close to the beach and simply lying down and seeing the star studded sky is a treat. Waking up to the sound of waves lashing on the shores is a beautiful feeling.

  • Distance: 42km
  • Activities: Stargazing, swimming

2. Karnala

Tucked away from the noises of Mumbai lies Karnala Bird Sanctuary. We were amazed by the forest cover here and the tranquility that the place offers. This is the perfect camping spot for all those who are looking to trek in the sanctuary. We camped under the night sky here and were woken up by the chirping sounds of birds.

The trek to the Karnala Fort is a beautiful one and we absolutely loved the entire trail. We then returned back to the campsite to enjoy the last few moments of our camping trip.

  • Distance: 60km
  • Activities: Stargazing, trekking, birdwatching

3. Vasind

Vasind is a small riverside town close to Mumbai and is connected by the Central Railways of the Mumbai Suburban Railway line. The beautiful view of the Bhatsai River was very welcoming and this is where we camped. We witnessed the sun set over the trees beyond the river and this sight was pretty.

As the town is fairly far from the light sources of Mumbai, we could see the sky glittering with thousands of stars, and lying down and observing them with the sound of river flowing in the background was a beautiful experience. We went for an early morning swim in the river and that instantly got us freshened up, and then we headed to Mahuli hill for a short hike.

  • Distance: 62km
  • Activities: Stargazing, hiking

4. Lonavala

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station located near Pune and is also a very popular camping spot. There are various camping sites available here and we went for a camping site close to Lonavala Lake. The cool climate of the place along with the view of the lake and greenery was very pleasing to all our senses.

Simply sitting by the lake and relaxing was very refreshing and instilled a lot of peace in our minds. There are special camps here where you can even indulge in adventure sports.

  • Distance: 90km
  • Activities: Stargazing, trekking

5. Matheran

Matheran is a hill station located near Mumbai and is a beautiful and silent place because no vehicles are allowed here. We set up our camp near Charlotte Lake, which is a beautiful lake surrounded by forest. We walked all around the lake and witnessed the sunset and sunrise here.

The sky is dotted with stars and we absolutely loved the view from the camping spot. This is the perfect place to come and click some star-trails. We headed over to the various viewpoints that Matheran has to offer during the day time.

  • Distance: 80km
  • Activities: Stargazing, trekking

6. Kolad

Kolad is a small town located on the river Kundalika off the Mumbai-Goa highway. We camped here near the river and the area was filled with places to go for short treks. Kundalika River is famous for river rafting and so we had the best experience of rafting over here and felt adrenaline gushing through our veins like never before.

The flow of river also allowed us to do kayaking and river crossing, which were adventurous and fun-filled activities. The sound of the water gushing close to us gave us a good night’s sleep.

  • Distance: 120km
  • Activities: Stargazing, kayaking, river rafting

7. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a famous destination during monsoons, and is known for the hundreds of streams of waterfalls that flow over the hills here. While camping at Malshej Ghat itself isn’t possible, we went to a village called Khireshwar, where there is a huge camp-site near a lake.

From here, we got views of Harishchandragad and Taramati peak as well. The lake with the hills in the backdrop is a very serene sight and we absolutely loved sitting by the lakeside for a long time. We also took a trek to Shivneri Fort, which is located near this area.

  • Distance: 135km
  • Activities: Stargazing, trekking

8. Kashid

Kashid is a coastal town south of Mumbai and has a beautiful beach. We camped near the beach here amidst the beautiful scenery. There are many isolated beaches here and we went to one of them to see the sunset over the Arabian Sea.

A bonfire by the beach here was the icing on the cake and waking up to the sound of water was a delightful feeling. There are some camping sites here where you can get all the amenities you need as well.

  • Distance: 125km
  • Activities: Stargazing, swimming, bonfire

9. Purushwadi

Purushwadi is a small town far away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai is and near the Kalsubai Peak. We decided to head over to this place to experience the village life as it is. What we got was an amazing experience of how villages function and we took part in farming here as well.

Konkan Kada and Harishchandragad fortress are close from here and we went for adventurous treks there. The village becomes quiet pretty early by city standards and we could enjoy the beautiful night sky here.

  • Distance: 200km
  • Activities: Stargazing, farming, trekking

10. Malvan

Malvan is a coastal town in Southern Maharashtra, and Dandi beach here is the perfect place to camp. We went to the Sindhudurg fort and dived into the rich history of this massive architectural marvel. For the sunset, we went to the popular Tarkali beach and then headed to a restaurant nearby for a traditional dinner.

We made a nice campfire here and then stargazed for the rest of the night time. Malvan beaches are also famous for their watersports and if you are interested, head to this popular spot!

  • Distance: 480km
  • Activities: Stargazing, swimming, adventure sports

We hope that after going through this list, your problem of finding a nice camping spot near Mumbai has been sorted. All the above places are perfect spots for a good weekend getaway as well and give you the very best that nature has to offer. The best time to visit them is after the monsoon when all the greenery has amplified. If you have been to any of the above places, do let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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