Top 10 Rooftop Restaurants and Lounges in Mumbai

Dining atop a building and taking in the views of the beautiful city skyline or the sea is an unparalleled experience. The very feeling of eating in an open environment with fresh air makes the food and ambience much better than it actually even is! (more…)


Top 10 Destinations in India for a Romantic Winter Getaway

It’s nearly December, and the mercury has already started dipping. Winter makes nature look pretty and the beauty of many places across India gets amplified during this time; and these places become popular tourist spots. Many of these places are perfect for a romantic getaway or honeymoon stay. (more…)


Top 7 Markets in Mumbai for Christmas Shopping

With Christmas just around the corner, the city has already started preparing itself for the festival. This is the time when you can see trees and homes lit up, and an atmosphere of merriment is prevalent throughout. Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner in Mumbai and for the same reason; there are some amazing markets that sell great products for the festival. (more…)


10 Must Visit Places for Vada Pav in Mumbai

Vada Pav and Mumbai go hand in hand. The popularity of this street side snack has only increased since its inception. With the fast life of Mumbai, Vada Pav is a favorite among every resident who wants to have something that fills their stomach and is readily available. This snack is so popular in the city today that it can actually be considered as a staple here. (more…)


10 Best Restaurants for Romantic Dates on Christmas and New Year in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for the huge variety of options it has for food. If you ever visit Mumbai, you’ll never be disappointed with the food here, be it street food or in an up-market restaurant. Food outlets here have something to satisfy everyone’s palate. Similarly, couples who are looking to go out on a date can choose from many of the famous restaurants here. (more…)


Top 9 College Festivals of Mumbai for Students

Mumbai has some of the finest colleges in India, and every year, each college hosts festivals, ranging from cultural to technical fests. These events draw thousands of students, from all across the country. This is the stage where you can showcase your talents not just restricted to the classroom. (more…)


Top 10 Road Trips to Take from Mumbai

With all its hustle-bustle, Mumbai is a city that everyone craves to live in. However, the fast paced life of the city can get exhausting after a while, and everyone needs to take a break from this busy lifestyle. What better way is there to unwind than to go on a long drive with your close ones right into the heart of nature? (more…)

National parks banner

Top 10 National Parks in India for Wildlife Enthusiasts

India is blessed with an abundance of forests and green cover. With the cities expanding over the years and population of animals deteriorating, steps were taken to create safe havens for them. Several such places have opened up all across the country and are called National Parks. (more…)


Top 10 Must Try Cocktails in Mumbai and Places to Find Them

Mumbai is known for its lively nightlife and is popular around the country for its wide variety of food and drinks. It is also a heaven for alcohol lovers and a wide variety of drinks are available here too, in places ranging from small shops to high-street pubs. You can also find a wide variety of cocktails here. (more…)