14 Best Vegetarian Street Foods to Try at Goregaon – Mumbai

This once sparsely populated area has turned into a wealthy one with film studios such as Filmistan and Film City opening up here. Many malls have also started to spring up in Goregaon and tall residential complexes have started coming up throughout the area. It also bounds the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and is home to the beautiful Aarey Milk Colony. With thousands of people residing here, food outlets galore have opened up to offer quick bites. (more…)


15 Best Local Street Foods to Eat in Jogeshwari – Mumbai

Jogeshwari is a located near Andheri and is famous for its caves, especially that of Lord Shiva. It is directly connected to the central line of Mumbai by the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) and thus has emerged as a popular resident suburb. The area is served by the Western Railways as well and has many schools and colleges. Many small food joints have opened up in the area in the recent times to cater to the young crowd and the residents. (more…)

Top 10 Best Songs for Travel

Traveling is fun with friends and family or even all by yourself. Passing varied landscapes every second and discovering new regions of the world is an experience in itself and is sure to leave anyone in awe. Be it a simple walk, a vehicle, a train or airplane, each mode of travel is engaging and puts travelers in a state of trance where they are connected to their surroundings only. (more…)

Top 26 Awesome Monsoon Treks Around Mumbai

Mumbai is located near the Western Ghats of India, which are a long chain of mountains stretching all the way from Gujarat to Kerala. Quite a huge portion of these Ghats lies in Maharashtra and many hills are at a driving distance from Mumbai. These hills are extremely beautiful throughout the year and their beauty only gets amplified during the monsoon season. (more…)

Top 20 Best Weekend Getaways Around Mumbai

Mumbai is located near the Western Ghats of India and is a coastal metropolis filled with nearly 20 million people. Being one of the most densely populated cities with a fast and busy lifestyle, it is easy to get tired of the moribund daily routine. Long and tiring work hours tend to stretch far beyond normal ones, thanks to the added travel times, and in this process, one is left with hardly any time for themselves. (more…)

Top 10 Popular Places for Camping Near Mumbai

While we sit in the comfort of our homes in sprawling cities and look up at the heavens, all we can see is a dark sky with a moon. Our lives in cities, however interesting, start becoming dull because of the repetitive routine that modern day civilization has created. (more…)

Top 25 Best Sightseeing Places in and around Mumbai

Mumbai is a metropolis located on the western coast of India and is also the most populated city in the country. The financial capital of India has a rich history attached with it as well; being a major city that the Britishers concentrated on, Mumbai has an imprint of its past even today. What was once a group of seven islands is now one of the most developed cities in the nation. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the city to explore its rich past and heritage, and Mumbai has something to offer for every segment of population. (more…)

Top 10 Awesome Places in Mumbai for Street Shopping

Mumbai is a huge metropolitan city where people of varying cultures and traditions reside together. Being one of the biggest cities in India and the world; Mumbai is an extremely popular tourist destination for national and international tourists alike. It has amazing tourist attractions known all around the world, but it also has huge shopping markets that offer some of the finest products that one can find. (more…)

Top 26 Tasty Veg and Non Veg Street Foods to Try at Santacruz – Mumbai

The word ‘Santacruz’ originates from Portuguese, and means “Holy Cross”. This is a reference to a 150 year old cross located in this area. The area has one campus of Mumbai University and is in proximity to the Domestic Terminal of The Mumbai Airport. It is densely populated, and to cater to this huge market, there are lots of street food stalls and restaurants. The area is flooded with people during the day and boasts of a few of the most famous street food joints of the town, most of which are quick service food joints that enable people to grab food on the move. (more…)