Top 10 Iconic Tourist Places To Visit In Warangal

10 Best Tourist Places To See In Warangal

Warangal is a popular weekend getaway destination from Hyderabad. The rich history, magnificent architecture and pristine natural beauty of the surrounding areas make it a perfect escape from the concrete jungle. The city elegantly juxtaposes rich culture with urbanisation, which leaves every visitor in awe.

The Land Of The Kakatiya

Orugallu, which means ‘one stone’, is the former name of Warangal. This ancient city served as a capital city during the reign of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Thereafter, the region was ruled by various other dynasties, namely Nayaks, Bahmani Sultanate, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire and Nizams. The rich architectural legacy of the Kakatiya Dynasty in Warangal attracts tourists from different parts of the country.

If you are planning a trip to Warangal, here are some of attractions in and around the city that are highly recommended:

1. Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple

The extraordinary Rudreshwara Swamy Temple, also known as Thousand Pillar Temple is one of the most striking architectural facades ever, built during the rule of the Kakatiya Dynasty. It is believed that the temple was constructed between 1175 and 1324 CE during the reign of King Rudra Deva.

Locally, this temple is popularly known as Veyisthambala Gudi, which translates into Thousand Pillars. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Surya and Lord Vishnu. The elaborate intricate carvings on each of the thousand pillars and exquisite sculptors will leave you spellbound with its flawless craftsmanship. Therefore, it is one of the best historical places to visit in Warangal.

There are separate shrines, known as Trikutalayam, dedicated to each of the three deities of the temples. The black basalt sculptor of Nandi, the bull of Lord Shiva, is a big crowd puller.

  • Location: Hyderabad-Warangal Highway, Raganna Darwaja, Road, Brahmanawada, Hanamkonda, Telangana 506001
  • Timings: 6 AM to 8 PM
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Kakatiya Musical Garden
    • Bhadrakali Temple
    • Padmakshi Temple

2. Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort

The majestic Warangal Fort is one of the most popular historical places in Warangal. The sprawling fort, spread over an area of 19 kilometres, was constructed in the 12th century.

The beautifully carved gates of the fort are some of the interesting features of the Warangal Fort. Swayambhudevi Alayam, a temple dedicated to Mother Earth and Swayambhu Devalayam, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva are located within the premises of the fort. The ruins of this three-layered fortified fort stand as a testament of the architectural developments of the by-gone era.

  • Location: Mathwada, Warangal, Telangana 506001
  • Timings: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Entry Fee: ₹15 for Indians and ₹200 for Foreigners
  • Light and Sound Show: 6:30 to 7:20 in Telugu and 7:30 to 8:20 in English.
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Kakatiya Musical Garden
    • Ramappa Temple
    • Ekashila Lake and Children’s Garden

3. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in Telangana, which is a popular place to visit near Warangal. The rich diversity of flora and fauna spread over an area of about 806 square kilometres attracts nature lovers from all over the world.

The sanctuary is home to some rare and endangered species such as Nilgai, Spotted Deer, Chinkara, tiger and Krait. In addition to these species, you can also spot a wide variety of birds. Some rare varieties of trees and tree fossils have also been found in this area. The lush greenery and streams flowing through this sanctuary add on to the serenity of the place.

Sammakka Saralamma Jatara, a Biennale festival dedicated to the Tribal Hindu Goddess, is held in the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Location: Eturnagaram, Telangana 506344
  • Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Entry Fee: ₹10 for Adults and ₹5 for Children
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Kongala waterfalls
    • Bogatha Waterfall
    • Eco Tourism Attractions in Bhupalpally District

4. Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple occupies a special place in the list of popular temples in Warangal. This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the most magnificent temples built by the Kakatiya rulers in the 12th century. Ramappa Temple, also known as Ramalingeswara Temple, has been constructed using reddish sandstone and black basalt.

It is one of the few temples in India that is named after the sculptor, Ramappa. The 6 feet tall star-shaped platform on which the temple stands, the intricate carvings and beautiful sculptures of the temple are some of the most alluring architectural features of the temple.

  • Location: Ramappa Temple, Vada, Warangal, Telangana 506002
  • Timings: 4 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Laknavaram Tourist Attraction
    • Laknavaram Lake
    • Pandavula Guhalu

5. Kakatiya Kala Thoranam

Kakatiya Kala Thoranam

Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, popularly known as Warangal Gate, is a significant sightseeing place in Warangal. It has been adopted as an emblem for the state of Telangana. The Warangal Fort consists of four identical gates, which were previously part of the Swayambhusiva temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This historical arch constructed by the Kakatiya kings in the 12th century has elaborate carvings, which is sure to impress you with the age-old artistry. This stone arch is said to resemble the gateways of the Sanchi stupa. The twin pillars with angled brackets and decorative lintel are some of the most awe-inspiring architectural features of Kakatiya Kala Thoranam.

  • Location: Warangal Fort
  • Timings: 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Warangal Fort
    • Kakatiya Musical Garden
    • Ekashila Lake and Children’s Garden

6. Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal is one of the oldest temples in the region that was built in 625 AD, during the reign of the Chalukya dynasty. This magnificent temple dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, located on a hilltop, is one of the most visited temples in Telangana. A man-made lake was later constructed by the Kakatiya adjacent to the temple.

The idol of Goddess Bhadrakali is one of the most striking features of the temple. Both the dynasties, Chalukya and Kakatiya, added to the architecture of this awe-inspiring temple. Hence, it is a famous tourist place in Hanamkonda.

  • Location: Tadkamalla Village, Warangal, Telangana 506007
  • Timings: 5:30 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 8 PM
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Sri Siddeshwara Temple
    • Kakatiya Musical Garden
    • Padmakshi Temple

7. Ramappa Lake

Ramappa Lake

Ramappa Lake is one of the most popular tourist places in Warangal district for nature lovers. This 700-year-old lake, constructed during the rule of Ganapathi Deva, was one of the most prominent reservoirs during its time. The beautiful hills and tranquil ambience of the lake make it the perfect place to escape into the lap of nature.

You can spend some peaceful time watching the sunset or enjoy a boat ride with your family and friends. There are resorts with the lake view, which will be a perfect place to stay near Warangal. Thereby, it is one of the most preferred places on the Warangal tourism places list.

  • Location: Ramappa Lake, Warangal
  • Timings: 5 AM to 6 PM
  • Entry fee: ₹15 for adults and ₹10 for children.
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Ramappa Temple
    • Pandavula Guhalu
    • Lakhnavaram Lake

8. Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram Lake built during the reign of the Kakatiya Dynasty is one of the most scenic tourist places near Warangal. The lake is spread over a sprawling area of about 10,000 acres with 13 islands. The 1560 metre long hanging bridge connects three islands on the lake.

Laknavaram Lake is nestled between the lush green hillocks, which is the perfect place to spend the weekend near the city. You can also enjoy boat rides at nominal prices on the lake. There are several cottages near the lake, so if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you can opt to stay at any of the cottages.

  • Location: Govindaraopet Mandal
  • Timings: 5 AM to 6 PM
  • Entry fee: ₹10 for adults and ₹5 for children.
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Ramappa Temple
    • Ramappa Lake
    • Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls

9. Kolanupak Swetamber Jain Mandir

Kolanupak Swetamber Jain Mandir

Warangal sightseeing tours are incomplete without visiting the scenic temples in and around the city. Although you can find several Hindu temples in the region, Warangal is also home to a number of Jain temples.

Kolanupak Swetamber Jain Mandir is one of the most popular Jain temples in the region. The intricate carvings on the red stone and the idols of Lord Mahaveer along with eight other Tirthankars will amaze you with their magnificent aura. The pleasant architecture and peaceful surroundings give this place an unmatched ambience. The 2000-year-old is an important pilgrimage centre for the Jain community.

  • Location: Shri Shwetambar Jain Tirth, Aler Mandal, Near Shiv Mandir, Kolanupaka, Telangana 508101
  • Timings: 5 AM to 8 PM
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Bhongir Fort
    • Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam
    • Shree Shree Renukarcharya, Swamy , Government of Telangana
    • Archaeological-Museum

10. Kakatiya Musical Garden

Kakatiya Musical Garden

Kakatiya Musical Garden, located in the vicinity of Bhadrakali Temple, is one of the most popular kid-friendly places to see in Warangal. The garden is spread over an extensive area of about 15 acres.

The musical fountains which keep on changing its colours are the main attraction of this beautiful garden. Kakatiya Musical Garden is a popular spot near Warangal to spend time with your family. If children are accompanying you on your trip to Warangal, then you must visit this place in the evening.

  • Location: Near MGM, Thadakamalla Village, Warangal, Telangana 506002
  • Timings: 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Nearby attractions:
    • Bhadrakali Temple
    • Padmakshi Temple
    • Warangal Fort


Warangal is one of the most scenic cities in Telangana that will mesmerise every visitor with its charm. Whether you are planning to visit any historic places, tranquil temples or picturesque lakes, you can enjoy all these beautiful places near Warangal.

A two-day trip to this beautiful city will help you explore the iconic landmarks of the city. A road-trip from Hyderabad to Warangal is one of the most preferred weekend activities.

If you have visited Warangal before, which was your favourite tourist spot? Do share with us the experience of your road trip to Warangal from Hyderabad.


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