10 Tasty Street Foods to Eat at Fort – Mumbai

Once the very heart of Mumbai, the area around Fort George, known simply as Fort, has become a thriving business district and a great place for art and history aficionados to spend the day at. With a colorful history that stretches back to the 18th century, Fort is no stranger to tourists and locals alike, seeking to take in the memories of past grandeur in the form of the Victorian architecture, soul search at the numerous Fire temples or just street shop and get a look at the beautiful wares of the street vendors. All that may be refreshing to the soul and take you on a memory trip, but it’s sure to leave you hungry and thirsty. And so, we have compiled a list of 10 unique street food dishes that you can try while you’re out spending the day at Fort.

Street Food at Fort

Don’t just take a journey through history when you’re at Fort, complement it with a culinary journey as well. These 10 dishes are sure to keep you refreshed, and at the same time give you a unique taste of Mumbai’s legendary street food.

1. Chole Masala Puri – Pancham Puriwala

A staple North Indian meal; one cannot go for too long without some hot chole masala and puri. The one at Pancham Puriwala comes with a long history of puri making experience. The puri is nice and fluffy, filled with powdered spices and the chole is cooked to perfection. There isn’t much more one can ask for on a hungry stomach. The potato gravy that is given along with the chole is well done but a tad too much on the watery side. Overall it is a great dish, and the service is quick.

  • Where: 8/10, Perin Nariman Street, Borabazar Precinct, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 80/-
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommended Combination: Mango Lassi
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Alu Mutter Masalapuri

2. Pan Masala Ice Cream – Manoj Ice Cream

Beat the summer heat in style with this very Indianised ice cream flavor. The ice cream is soft, smooth, and frothy. Unlike the regular pan flavors that you get, this isn’t overpowering at all. The hand made tutti-frutti, the saunf (fennel seeds) and the ice cream go very well together and make for a delectable and refreshing dessert.

  • Where: Bazar Gate Street, Borabazar Precinct, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 55/-
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Tiramisu Velvet

3. Mysore Dosa – Stall

Every now and then we have a craving for dosa, which is something fundamental to being Indian. The dosa at this stall is quite strange to begin with. The filling tastes like something that would accompany a pav and not a dosa. There is also a good amount of butter present in the dosa. The base is crisp and the Mysore masala on top is mashed well, making the veggies smooth. Hot and fresh, the veggies take in the flavor of the masala well. Amongst the chutneys served, the coconut chutney is a clear winner over its watery green counterpart. Overall, this is a strange but good dosa experience.

  • Where: Beside Ashok Sandwich Corner, Boman House, Homji Street, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 45/-
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Masala Cheese Dosa

4. Paneer Frankie – Mumbai Foodie Corner

Paneer Frankie is another one of those dishes that is inspired by a western staple but has surpassed its predecessor in ways that only Indian street food can. The roll is soft and easy to bite into, and the paneer is fresh and loaded with vegetables. The taste of the spices isn’t overpowering and adds a spicy tang that works well with the rest of the dish. The dish is also quite filling.

  • Where: Elite Square Premises, Perin Nariman Street, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 50/-
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommended Combination: Fizzy Drinks
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Chicken Cheese Frankie

5. Milkshake – Noble Juice Centre

This milkshake is a cornucopia of nuts – fig, cashew, almond, walnut, pista, and raisins have all been ground and mixed into the milk. It isn’t too sweet and the nuts just enhance the flavor, giving it a very robust taste. The drink is topped with dry fruits too. Overall, this is a drink that tastes great and would make your nutritionist proud. The price is a bit on the steep side, but that should be expected given the number of nuts and fruits that went into it.

  • Where: Near Podar Chambers, S A Brelvi Road, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 50/-
  • Rating: 3.5/5

6. Dahi Kachori – Mathura Dairy Farm

It’s called a dairy farm for good reason – the dahi (curd) is fresh and thick. The kachori is crisp, and the sev added complements the crispiness very well. The tamarind chutney served as accompaniment is tangy and stands out in the myriad of flavors, in a good way. The dahi, while present in good quantity does not neutralise any of the other flavors present. The kachori is not very large but is filled with goodness. This is a well-balanced, well made dish.

  • Where: Mangrol Mansion, Gunbow St., Borabazar Precinct, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 30/-
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended Combination: Lassi
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Kanda Poha Samosa

7. Chicken Masala Grill – SMB Food Corner

Tease your taste buds with this double decker grilled sandwich loaded with special homemade sauces and garnished with dry herbs. The chicken is well cooked, and present in appetising amounts between the three slices of bread. The garlic and mayo sauce add a tangy and cheesy flavor that goes very well with the rest of the dish. This is definitely a must try if you’re ever near Fort and will keep your hunger sated for a long time.

  • Where: 120, Perin Nariman St, Borabazar Precinct, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 50/-
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Masala Cheese Toast

8. Sevpuri – Yadav Bhel Puri Stall

This dish will tease your palate and will feel electrifying, but in a good way. The crispy puri is lathered with chutney and the other ingredients are thrown in, in a very appetizing mess. Since it’s summer, there is also raw mango added to the mix which gives a new dimension of sourness to the entire blend. It is topped off with crispy sev and chana dal to seal the deal. This is the kind of dish that we’d keep going back to eat.

  • Where: D Sukhadwala Road, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 25/-
  • Rating: 3/5

9. Chicken Baidi Roll – Apna’s Kebabs and Rolls

Finally a chicken dish that ticks all the right boxes! The roti is soft and the chicken is fresh. It is also well marinated in spices and oozes flavor with every bite. The stuffing is a spicy vegetable one along with the chicken. Two really yummy chutneys accompany the roll and go very well with it. Our only gripe was that there wasn’t enough salt in the dish but that is something that can be remedied rather easily.

  • Where: Shop 46, Islam Building, Nana Bhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 120/-
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended Combination: Fizzy Drinks
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Chicken Cheese Frankie

10. Chicken Rice Plate – Café Kohinoor

If you think the previous dish was filling, you should have a look at this one. This dish is very South Indian in its preparation style. Those familiar with Kerala’s cuisine will instantly identify the coconut flavor that lingers in the back of the dish. The dish on the whole consisted of rice, two chapattis, fried okra, chicken curry and vermicelli kheer. The rice and chapattis are well done, but the rest of the dish isn’t as satisfying. The coconut flavor overpowers the chicken and the okra is oily. But this doesn’t ruin the flavour. Even the kheer is the right amount of sweet but has a watery consistency. Overall, this is a filling dish but not something to celebrate.

  • Where: 119, Perin Nariman St, Borabazar Precinct, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai
  • Price: ₹ 110/-
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Recommended Combination: Fizzy Drinks
  • Other Great Dishes Here: Fish Fry Rosht, Veg. Rice Plate

Let us know how you find this legendary area in Mumbai. And if you’ve stumbled upon any other street food, leave a comment below and we will include it on our list!

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