Top 10 Unconventional And Unique Things To Do In Monsoon

The monsoon is a time of the year that a few of us dread, but most of us love. It is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful seasons of the year. When clouds start covering the sky and cause the sun to hide behind them, the environment gets a very different shade and the greenery around us gets highlighted like never before. This is the one season where the temperature is neither too hot, nor too cold; it is just perfect. The monsoon brings along with it beautiful raindrops and rainbows sure to please all our senses.

Eccentric Ways to Enjoy the Monsoon

The lovely weather created during the monsoon season is bound to pull you out of your homes to dance away in the heavenly rains. It has something for even those who don’t wish to leave their homes- the unlimited urge to sleep! The beautiful sound of rain and moderate climate set up the perfect mood for a lazy day. But well, all these are the conventional ways to enjoy the monsoon; here is a list of the most unconventional things to do in the monsoon and have fun!

1. Make Paper Boats

Remember the glorious childhood days when we used to compete with our paper boats in the water flowing on the streets? Well, who says that you can’t do the same as an adult? There’s a child in all of us, after all. So go ahead and make your own paper boat and race onto the streets of Mumbai and let your boats race along with those of your friends to experience your childhood all over again.

2. Go for a Hike!

Mumbai has many amazing hiking spots around it and these places just become more adventurous during the monsoon. The feeling of hiking through a forest while it is raining is great, and lets you become one with the natural surroundings. To add to this, the forest gets a different shade of green thanks to the rain and makes the experience a wonderful one.

3. Plan a Rooftop Rain Dance Party!

What better reason do you need for hosting a rain dance party than rain itself? The monsoon is the perfect time to set up a rain dance party on your own rooftop and enjoy the time with your near and dear ones! This is the easiest way to have a rain dance party, without breaking the bank.

4. Go for a long drive

This is something that not many people would prefer to do during the monsoon, especially during heavy rains. But taking your car out for a long drive with no destination in mind is a great experience in itself. Seeing the entire city shrouded by monsoon clouds and water hitting your windshield adds a great feeling to the drive.

The drive can even become romantic, if done with your significant other or crazy, if done with friends! So, take your car out and just drive.

5. Take a ferry ride

Most ferry rides stop when the rainfall becomes heavy, but before that, taking a ferry ride is a beautiful experience. Be it the ferry from Gateway of India or the ones that ferry passengers on the Gorai creek, these boats give you some spectacular views of the city that become extremely beautiful when combined with the amazing cloud formations and rain.

6. Catch a Train to Lonavala

This is a beautiful railway route and passes over many hills and through several tunnels. The complete landscape through which this railway line passes is lush green and it only becomes better in the monsoon season. It is common to see mini waterfalls forming on the rocks next to the railway tracks and one can also see the clouds descending till the level of the trains. This is a beautiful journey that must be undertaken at least once.

7. Go for a stroll on Marine Drive

This is a very common thing for all Mumbaikars, but for those who are new to the city or are visiting the city for the first time during the monsoon season, this is THE place to be when the clouds rumble. Experience the Arabian Sea lashing on the boulders and splashing water on your face while getting drenched in the Mumbai monsoon and absorb the beautiful view of the Mumbai skyline.

8. Pretending to Wash Your Car

Now this is a fun activity that is sure to draw everyone’s attention, and some may even end up thinking that you have gone mad. All you need to do is park your car out in the open and as soon as it starts to rain, go ahead and start wiping it with a cloth! By doing this, you can effectively clean up your car in a hassle-free manner and at the same time have some crazy fun as well.

9. Head to Juhu/Chowpatty Beach

These are yet another set of locations very popular among residents of Mumbai during the monsoon season. Hundreds of people throng here to see the powerful Arabian Sea hit the shores of these beaches. Having some vada pav or pav bhaji here after getting drenched in the rain is an experience in itself while listening to the sound of waves hitting the shores.

10. Head to Sanjay Gandhi National Park

If you are a nature lover and want to take a quick break from the busy city life, head away to Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in Borivali.

The forest is right in the middle of the city and makes for a great picnic spot during the monsoon season when the complete environment becomes peaceful, and all you can hear is the sound of raindrops. This unique picnic is a perfect way to spend a quiet day with your loved ones.

We hope that after going through this list of unconventional things to do in the monsoon, you have added quite a few of them to your bucket list and shall be doing them in the upcoming monsoon. If you have any other kickass fun ideas that can be done during the rainy season, do let us know in the comments below!

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