Top 10 Reasons Why Mumbai Monsoon is the Best

Mumbai has a moderate climate all around the year, but there is one particular season that sets this city apart – the monsoon. One may love or hate the monsoon anywhere else on the planet, but if you are in Mumbai, you are definitely going to fall in love with this season. There is something about this city and the rains that just combine to give a very blissful feeling — a feeling of peace and satisfaction.

Heavenly Showers of Mumbai

As the skies become darker, as the wind speed suddenly starts changing, and this lively city with its loud noises suddenly becomes very quiet and peaceful. The stunning view of the city’s buildings against the clouds is one to die for; the city becomes a photographer’s paradise during this season and it is common to find thousands of Mumbaikars coming out of their homes to enjoy the first rains of the season. So, what is it that exactly makes the monsoon season in Mumbai unique and sets it apart from all the other cities? Here are the top 10 reasons why Mumbai’s monsoon season is the best!

1. The Scent of Earth

Ah! Don’t we all just love the smell of earth as soon as it starts raining? The scent that damp earth gives off during the monsoon is unparalleled and makes Mumbai’s rains all the more delightful. The scent sort of hypnotizes you and takes you into a different world altogether and all the hustle-bustle of the city seems to fade into the background.

2. Cutting Chai+Vada Pav+Rain= Heaven!

Now, this is an experience that you can get only in Mumbai; it is truly the ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ experience. A typical spicy vada pav with fried chilies and chutneys along with a cup of cutting chai- which is basically nothing but half a cup of tea, is truly a heavenly experience in the cool weather of the Mumbai monsoon.

The combo heightens all your senses and gives you an out world experience that can only be felt, not described.

3. A Stroll on Marine Drive/Worli Sea Face

This is the favorite hang-out spot for all Mumbaikars and the beauty of this area just increases exponentially during rains. The experience of getting drenched along the seashore and experiencing the droplets of water hit your face from the sea lashing against the rocks makes this one of the best places to be in the city during monsoon.

Added to all this is the complete view of the Mumbai skyline covered with monsoon clouds.

4. Visiting Juhu/ Chowpatty Beach

These popular tourist and resident hotspots become extremely peaceful during rains and even though it may be crowded, the sound of the waves lashing against the shores absorbs all the other noises and gives you a lot of peace.

The view of the Arabian Sea extending into infinity shrouded with monsoon clouds is one which you can keep enjoying for hours together and lose complete track of time.

5. Eating Bhutta (Corn)

Bhutta is nothing but good ol’ corn on the cob cooked over a traditional ‘sagdi’ made of coal, which gives it a burnt flavor. The corn stick is then topped with some tangy masala made from black pepper, salt, red chili powder, and lemon juice. The feel of eating this hot bhutta in the rain is worth experiencing, especially along the shoreline.

6. It’s the Season of Love!

Ah! Monsoon makes even the tiniest of things seem romantic, doesn’t it? Now imagine sitting on Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face or Bandra Bandstand with your close ones and just enjoying the view.

Even the feel of simply getting drenched in the first rains of the season with your loved one is a blissful one and words are actually not enough to describe it!

7. Flooded Tracks Work as an Excuse!

When rains lash the city, flooded tracks of the suburban railway cause the trains to either get delayed or stop completely; so how does this benefit one, you ask? Well, local trains getting delayed or stopping works as a completely fine excuse for not attending work, now who would not love rains?

8. It Has Something for Everyone

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, Mumbai’s monsoon has something to offer to everyone. Kids run out of homes and dance their hearts out in the rain; childhood and monsoon is a combination that has always been the best, isn’t it?

Seeing the children play in the rain hits you with nostalgia and sometimes even brings out the kid in you. Even the elderly folk love to sit in the balcony and enjoy the view of the city.

9. Sitting in and Reading

What does the monsoon have for someone who doesn’t like going out and getting drenched you may ask? Well, for those who love staying indoors, Mumbai rains offer you some quality sleep and reading time!

Sitting by the window with your favorite novel and a cup of tea with the amazing view and sound of the rain is something that is sure to please all your senses at once.

10. Visiting Manori/Gorai

These are two relatively undeveloped areas of the town that are lush green and give you some Goan vibes. The areas have very little noise pollution and extremely fewer crowds as well; one can actually forget that they are in Mumbai!

Now couple this greenery with rain; the view is to die for and will please every single nature lover. The dense forest cover and the Gorai creek give some amazing views that are sure to leave you spellbound.

With the monsoon for the year just setting in, we hope that this article will serve as a perfect guide for you to make the most out of this season. Many of you may have already experienced many of the aforementioned things. If so, do let us know your experience in the comments below. If you know some other fun things that set Mumbai monsoon apart, do let us know so that we can share it with our fellow readers.

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