10 Things To Pack For Your Next Summer Holiday

As the hot months of summer approach us and the sun starts shining brighter every single day, it is that time of the year again when we need to escape the scorching heat and head off for a holiday somewhere cooler. The most essential thing when planning a holiday is of course packing. So, what is special about packing for summer? Let’s take a look!

Pack It Up!

Summer is the time when the temperatures are soaring high and so it is essential that we pack only the things that are absolutely necessary and helpful for our journey. While a journey to the mountains would require warm clothing, any other destination will require cool clothes and so on. Here, we have listed the top things that you must pack for your summer holiday.

1. Tank Tops

Make sure that you carry loads of tank tops made preferably from cotton to help you bear the hot weather at beach destinations in summers. These tops ensure that you remain cool at all times and do not have to bear the brunt of the heat. If you’re traveling to some of the best hill stations in India, make sure that you carry loads of warm clothes instead as the temperatures there tend to be cold!

2. Flip-Flops

If you’re heading off to a warm destination, make sure that you carry a pair of flip-flops with you to ensure that your feet get ample of air throughout your stay there. This ensures that your feet remain cool too and in turn, keep your body cool as well.

3. Socks and Shoes

If you’re heading off to the hill stations, carry proper shoes and many pairs of socks as the temperatures tend to dip and you may need to even walk in the snow at some places like Gulmarg and Srinagar.

4. Jeans

If you’re traveling to cold places, you must carry at least 3 pairs of jeans and make sure that you are wearing one already. Jeans help you to keep warm in the cold weather at these places and you may even need to wear more than one at a time to keep yourself comfortable in this chilling climate.

5. Shorts

If beaches are your calling, do carry loads of shorts that go with your tank tops well. Beaches are places where you can relax without any worries of cold weather during summer and shorts actually do very well in this weather to keep you cool.

6. Bath Towels

One of the most essential things for all summer holidays are bath towels. It’s always a good practice to carry your own bath towel even if you’re staying at a hotel that provides you with them. It is not only good for your hygiene but also for the others.

7. A Good Deodorant

Whether you’re going to a beach or the hills, a deodorant is a must. It not only helps you feel good about yourself and makes you feel fresh but also gives out great aroma to those around you and makes them feel good too! Choose a good quality deo that lasts long enough throughout the day.

8. Handkerchiefs

If you’re heading off to the beaches, you’ll tend to sweat a lot so it is a great practice to carry handkerchiefs with you. Even when traveling to the highlands, a long walk can actually generate a lot of sweat so the handkerchief will definitely come in handy.

9. Sunscreen

This is a must in any travelers bag. Whether you’re going to a sunny place or to the hills, the sun shines generously everywhere in India and for this reason, you must keep a bottle of sunscreen handy, never know when it may come in useful to avoid some unnecessary tan.

10. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses not only make for great accessories for summer vacations but also come in as great companions for photos which you can later show off on your social media! They help you get rid of the glare from the summer sun and this is more than enough to have them in your bags for your vacation.

Do you carry any other things which you feel are essential for your summer holidays? If so, do let us know in the comments below. We hope that this list makes packing for your hols easy for you.

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