Tourist Places To Visit In And Around Gulbarga During A Two Day Trip

Tour Guide For A Memorable Two Day Trip In And Around Gulbarga

September 23, 2020

Gulbarga is also known as Kalaburagi, which translates into stony land in the Kannada language. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Hyderabad for a road trip. This city is famous for its rich heritage and peaceful shrines.

Various dynasties have ruled Gulbarga over the centuries, the influence of which is visible on the heritage and culture of the city.

Gulbarga Sightseeing Places

Gulbarga is a scenic city located in the northern part of Karnataka. Since the city is well connected to other major cities of the region, it has emerged as a popular tourist destination in the area.

If you are planning to visit Gulbarga, then we have curated an itinerary for your short trip that will help you visit some of the most iconic landmarks within the city as well as near the city.

Day 1 – Tourist places in Gulbarga city

It is advisable to start your day early so that you can explore all the famous landmarks within the city in one day. Also, if you are planning a road trip from Hyderabad to Gulbarga, then try to start your journey from Hyderabad early in the morning so that you reach Gulbarga by noon.

1. Sharana Basaveshwara Temple

Sharana Basaveshwara Temple

Sharana Basaveshwara Temple, also known as Sabhamandap, is one of the most famous temples in Gulbarga. This splendid temple was constructed in the twelfth century and is dedicated to Saint Basaveshwara, an eminent Hindu philosopher and teacher.

The splendid architecture of Sharana Basaveshwara Temple elegantly blends the elements of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles, which is sure to leave every visitor in awe. The intricate designs, supporting pillars, beautiful sculptures and decorative arches are some of the most impressive features of the structure.

The annual festivals such as the Jatra and Car Festival, attract devotees from across the country to witness the traditional and rituals of the region.

  • Location: SB Temple Road, Raghavendra Colony, Brhampur, Gulbarga, Karnataka 585102
  • Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Time Required: 1 hour

2. Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga Fort

This impressive fort is one of the most important historical places in Gulbarga. Raja Gulchand initially constructed the fort, and later it was reconstructed by Al-ud-din Hasan Bahmani, the founder of the Bahmani Sultanate. Gulbarga was initially chosen as the capital city for the Bahmani kingdom.

Gulbarga Fort is one of the best examples of Persian architecture in India. The gardens, palaces, mosques and tombs are some of the most impressive structures within the premises of this massive fort. The double fortifications along with 15 lofty towers and 26 guns made sure that it was difficult for the enemy to capture the fort.

Jama Masjid, Tomb of Khawa Bande Nawaz and Bara Gazi Toph are some of the most popular attractions in Gulbarga Fort. Bara Gazi Toph is a one-of-a-kind canon in India. This canon is made of pure alloy and measures 29 feet in length.

  • Location: Halbarga, Brhampur, Gulbarga, Karnataka 585101
  • Timings: 9 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Entry fee: ₹ 25 per person
  • Time Required: 3 to 4 hours

3. Jama Masjid Gulbarga

Jama Masjid Gulbarga

Jama Masjid, within the premises of the Gulbarga Fort, is one of the most striking facades in the city. This grand mosque, built in the 14th century, is one of the first mosques to be constructed in the Southern part of India.

The interiors of the Jama Masjid of Gulbarga is inspired by the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain. The Spanish Mosque in Hyderabad and the Jama Masjid of Gulbarga are the only two mosques in India that have been influenced by Moorish architecture.

It is one of the few mosques in India that does not have a courtyard or any minarets. The mosque boasts of a massive bulbous central dome and several smaller domes, which are some of the most striking features of the structure. The intricate arches adorn the interiors as well as the exteriors of the mosques.

  • Location: Gulbarga Fort, Halbarga, Brhampur, Gulbarga, Karnataka 585101
  • Timings: 9 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Time Required: 1 hour

4. Haft Gumbad

Haft Gumbad

Haft Gumbad is another popular place to visit in Gulbarga. It is also known as Saath Gumbaz, which translates into Seven Tombs. It was built in the memory of rulers and military leaders of the Bahmani Kingdom. The beautiful architecture of each of the tombs and the sprawling gardens make it one of the most scenic places in the city.

  • Location: Santraswadi, Gulbarga, Karnataka 585104
  • Timings: 9 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Time Required: 1 to 2 hours

5. Dargah of Khwaja Bande Nawaz

Dargah of Khwaja Bande Nawaz

Dargah of Khwaja Bande Nawaz is an important 600-year-old pilgrimage centre in Southern India. This dargah in Gulbarga is the final resting place of Hazrat Khwaja Banda Nawaz Gesu Daraz, the Sufi saint of the Chisti order.

The architecture of the dargah elegantly blends the elements of Persian and Deccan architecture. The beautiful carvings and inscriptions on the walls of the tomb will surely catch your attention. The death anniversary of the Khwaja Bande Nawaz, Urs, attracts devotees from across the country.

  • Location: Rauza E Buzurg, Darga Road, Khaja Colony, Gulbarga, Karnataka 585104
  • Time Required: 1 hour

6. Buddha Vihar

Buddha Vihar

Buddha Vihar in Gulbarga is one of the most popular Buddist shrines in the region. Unlike most of the structures on the list, it is a recent addition to the city. Buddha Vihar that was constructed over a decade ago.

The majestic Buddha Vihar stands tall on 170 pillars. The whitewashed facade is indeed a sight to behold! The famous Buddhist structures at Sarnath, Sanchi and Ajanta have inspired the architecture of this vihara.

Since the Buddha Vihar is spread over a massive area of about 18 acres, the lush greenery of the surrounding areas provides the perfect backdrop to add on the serenity of the place. The four 48 feet lofty Ashoka pillars, which symbolise the four noble truths, are one of the most attractive features of the structure.

  • Location: Near University Kalburgi, Sedam Road, Gulbarga, Karnataka – 585105
  • Timings: 9 AM to 1:30 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM
  • Time Required: 2 hours

Day 2 – Tourist places near Gulbarga

If you want to explore some places near the city of Gulbarga, then we recommend the following:

1. Chandrala Parameshwari Temple

Chandrala Parameshwari Temple

Chandrala Parameshwari Temple is one of the most popular places to visit around Gulbarga. This splendid temple is dedicated to Chandrala, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. The ‘gopura’ or the pyramidal tower of the temple is one of the most eye-catching features of the temple.

Many artefacts with inscriptions in Brahmi and Prakrit and several Buddhist sculptures have been discovered during an excavation. Thus, Chandrala Parameshwari Temple is not merely a temple but a historic site as well.

  • Location: Sannati village Taluk, Chittapur, Karnataka
  • Time Required to travel from Gulbarga: 1 hour 30 minutes

2. Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary

Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary

Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary has the distinction of being the first dry land wildlife sanctuary in the Southern part of India. This one-of-a-kind sanctuary, spread over an area of 135 square kilometres, is home to some rare species of flora and fauna of the region.

Blackbuck, Fox, Indian Wolf, among others are some of the famous animals found in the region. You can also spot different species of birds such as parakeets and pigeons during your visit to this sanctuary. This region also has a dense vegetation consisting of medicinal herbs, trees and other flowering plants.

  • Location: Gottamgotta, Telangana 585307
  • Timings: 6 AM to 10 AM and 4 PM to 6 PM
  • Time Required to travel from Gulbarga: 2 hours

3. Chandrampalli Dam

Chandrampalli Dam

Chandrampalli Dam is a must-visit for all nature lovers. If you are looking for a picnic spot near Gulbarga, then this is one of the best sites. The tranquil ambience and lush greenery of the area make it the perfect spot near to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chandrampalli Dam is built across the River Bhima. Since the area around the dam is surrounded by Gottam Gotta forest and sparsely populated, it serves to attract visitors who love to spend time amidst a peaceful environment. The pleasant weather of this area makes it a famous trekking and camping spot near Gulbarga.

  • Location: Gottamgotta, Karnataka 585307
  • Time Required to travel from Gulbarga: 2 hours

Final thoughts

Your short trip to Gulbarga is sure to help you learn about the rich history and culture of the city. I hope that this itinerary will help you explore some of the best tourist places in and around Gulbarga within a limited time.

If you have been to Gulbarga before for a short weekend trip, then share your experience with us in the comment sections.


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