15 Best North Indian Foods That Are Popular in Hyderabad

With bursts of abundance yet excreting flavors in Hyderabad cuisine, this place is quite famous for its food. Hyderabad is renowned for its mouthwatering North Indian cuisine and famed biryani. North Indian food has a unique niche among the many cuisines that have left their imprint on Hyderabad’s culinary scene. If you are looking for North Indian food near me, this is the blog for you. The ten prominent North Indian dishes that have become favorites in Hyderabad are examined in this article. 

Top 10 North Indian Dishes Popular in Hyderabad

A delicious variety of meals that have become incredibly popular among both city inhabitants and tourists alike are the consequence of the blending of North Indian flavors with regional culinary traditions. Hyderabad offers a gourmet adventure where you may sample the best of North Indian delicacies, from busy streets to sophisticated restaurants. There are plenty of best food places in Hyderabad that people can go to.

1. Butter Chicken


One of Delhi’s traditional dishes is butter chicken. The mix of butter and chicken gives this dish its characteristic richness and creamy texture. Take lesser servings if you are watching your calorie intake because it is tasty and heavy in calories. While tomatoes are high in vitamin A, chicken gives us a lot of protein. The spices also have anti-inflammatory qualities, and the butter offers a healthy quantity of fat. Owing to the texture, this dish is often consumed with types of bread, often known as naan or tandoori roti. 

2. Chole Bhature


While some say the dish originates in Delhi, others claim it is from Uttar Pradesh. However, in Hyderabad, it is the most well-liked North Indian dish. The word consists of two components: Maida-based Bhature and chickpea-based Chole. Bhature is a source of carbs; chickpeas are a source of fiber and protein. This is often consumed for breakfast or as a snack by Hyderabadis. Moreover, it is paired with tiny dice of onion for the extra crunch, which elevates the eating experience of this dish. Plenty of north Indian restaurants in Hyderabad serve delicious chole bhature 

3. Kadai Paneer


Due to the spiciness of all the ingredients that go into making this delectable paneer meal, practically all Indians adore it. It is served in a kadai because, as the name says, food tastes better when presented in a kadai. This traditional north Indian food, which has its origins in the Northern region, goes well with both naan and rice. 

4. Rajma Chawal


The well-known North Indian dish Rajma Chawal is made from red kidney beans (rajma) and rice (chawal), which are cooked together in a delectable, spice-flavored tomato-based stew and is a popular north Indian food in Hyderabad. It is a regular staple in numerous North Indian homes and may be eaten as a complete meal. Rajma Chawal is an incredibly filling and nutrient-dense dish since it is high in protein, fiber, and complex carbs. It is a terrific energy source and can be eaten for lunch or dinner. It is a dish that is quite versatile and may be altered to suit various preferences. 

5. Dal Makhani


Dal Makhani is yet another delicacy from Delhi and is an authentic north Indian food. Urad Dal and Butter are the main components of this classic recipe. This can be consumed with any roti or naan in addition to rice. Butter is an excellent source of healthy fats, and urad dal is a plentiful supply of protein. The same region that created Butter Chicken also created this delicacy. This recipe must be tried if you wish to consume a lot of proteins. 

6. Tandoori Chicken


To make this juicy chicken dish, the chicken is marinated in a mixture of spices and curd. After marinating, this chicken will be cooked in a unique oven called a Tandoor. Mughlai Kitchen and many North Indian eateries serve this dish with mint chutney. Since we have spices, they have anti-inflammatory qualities, and chicken has a lot of proteins. Choosing this meal as a starter is common. This dish is a popular option for pairing with alcohol and wine. 

7. Paneer Tikka


For many vegetarians, paneer evokes strong feelings. Therefore, many foodies frequently select Paneer Tikka as a veg starter dish. First, paneer is marinated in curd, spices, and lemon to make it. Paneer tikka is famously known for being the best north Indian food in Hyderabad. Then, some vegetables are grilled with this seasoned paneer. This is frequently served with salad and mint chutney. 

8. Palak Paneer


Palak Paneer is another well-known dish from North India. This meal is frequently served with butter naan or rice. The two primary ingredients in this dish are paneer and spinach. Additionally, this meal has a significant amount of ghee in it. Both spinach and paneer are excellent sources of iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Paneer is a great source of protein. So, if you’re looking for a nutritious lunch, this one is an excellent choice. 

9. Stuffed Paratha


In northern India, stuffed parathas are frequently consumed as breakfast and are revered as the meal of champions. The term “paratha” comes from the Sanskrit word “atta,” which means “layers of cooked dough,” and the food certainly lives up to that description. To make parathas, the dough is cooked on a tava before being shallow fried the next day. The most popular way to consume parathas is to fill them with your preferred filling. Even though there are countless filling options for parathas, some of the most favorites include the aloo paratha which is filled with potatoes and the methi paratha which is stuffed with fenugreek. 

10. Malai Kofta


Another dish from the Mughlai culinary tradition of the modern Punjab region, it may immediately conjure up images of a bowl of curried meatballs in a rich sauce. Locals cook the balls until they acquire a crusty, golden-brown sear before drizzling heavy sauce over them. Indians often only eat this cuisine on exceptional occasions like weddings or festivals since it is so unbelievably delicious and delivers such a gorgeous richness. The word “Malai” refers to the cream that is used in the gravy, and the word “Koftas” refers to the deep-fried vegetarian dumplings. To add richness to your veggie balls, local cooks added grated Paneer and potatoes. 

11. Baigan Bharta

An eggplant mash that appears harmless on the outside but is everything but is called Baigan Bharta. Finishing a bowl of this meal is considered a challenge by some due to its strong heat that lasts for a long time. With flavors that meld with the flames and make every bite well worth the suffering, Baigan Bharta is a celebration of North India. 

12. Rogan Josh

Without mentioning Rogan Josh, a slow-cooked lamb curry that is so spicy it melts in your tongue, this list wouldn’t be complete. The complex foundation flavor of the aromatic spices is complemented by the smooth and silky texture of the sauce made from the clarified butter, which is rich in flavor. Since this is a regional specialty, the Kashmiri chiles are a must-have ingredient. 

13. Phirni

A dessert known as phirni is produced with cooked pulverized rice, milk, cardamom, saffron, and almond flavors. Traditionally cooked for special occasions and festivals like Diwali and Karwa Chauth, it is a beloved dish in North India. Phīrni, which is typically served in little clay bowls called shikoras, is usually eaten very cold and adorned with rose petals, almonds, and silver paper to make it look even more opulent. 

14. Nihari

Popular meat-based meal nihari is an Old Delhi specialty. Nihar is also connected to Pakistani food because many immigrants from Delhi moved to Karachi after Pakistan became independent in 1947 and opened their own eateries there. Meat, such as chicken, mutton, or cattle shanks, is cooked slowly in this meal. The meat is cooked in large dough-sealed pots together with stock and a variety of spices like cumin, cloves, garam masala, and cardamom. Since the word “nihari” comes from the Arabic word “nahar,” which means “morning,” it is traditionally eaten at breakfast. Nihari takes six to eight hours to cook correctly.  

15. Dal Tadka

A classic lentil-based dish from northern India is called dahl tadka, or dahkewali dal. Toor dal (split yellow pigeon peas), garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, garam masala, chili peppers, ghee, cumin, coriander, turmeric, red chili powder, and fenugreek leaves are typically used to produce the dish, though there are variations. These are cooked and combined with tadka (tempering), which is made of ghee-cooked garlic, chili peppers, and asafetida among other spices. Dal Tadka is typically served hot with roti and jeera rice on the side after being made and garnished with coriander leaves. 

Where Can You Find the Best North Indian Food in Hyderabad? 

Even though Hyderabad is known for its Nizami biryani and Mughlai food, several locations serve delicious dishes from the country’s northern region. Hyderabad is known for its authentic restaurants for delicious, quality food. There are a ton of restaurants that serve the best north Indian dishes. If you are looking for something budget friendly, Dhaba is the answer. These small kiosk eateries offer great food at quite reasonable rates