Top 6 Restaurants In Navi Mumbai For Thai Food

There is no in between when it comes to Thai cuisine — either you love it or you hate it. That’s because most of Thai food has fairly strong flavors. Moreover, just one flavor doesn’t really dominate any dish. Thai food is all about getting the right balance between sweet, sour, salty and spicy. (more…)

Top 7 Vets In Navi Mumbai – Best Animal Care Clinics

Pets often become a part of our family, and we form an emotional bond with them as time passes. So it is necessary to take good care of our pets and provide them with the best facilities when they are ill. Whether it is our pet or a stray animal, it is our responsibility of ensuring their well-being.


Top 7 Places For Sizzlers In Mumbai

See it, smell it, hear it, touch it, taste it or eat it — sizzler is the ultimate dish that appeals to all your senses. Its sizzling sound and wafting aroma actually create some foreplay which leads up to the excitement of digging into your sizzler. If you like some drama on your plate, you should definitely try sizzlers. (more…)

Top 5 Places To Adopt Pets In Navi Mumbai

In a big city like Navi Mumbai, many animals may get lost and may be rendered homeless. If you’re an animal lover and wish to help these poor animals get a home, you can check out pet shelters and pet adoption centers. These places take care of these animals until they find a new owner.  (more…)

Top 10 Must – Visit Cafes In Navi Mumbai

Cafes are the places to hang out with our friends or spend some time alone with yourself. From delicious food to aromatic beverages, cafes are the perfect spots for socializing. Whether it is an open mic night or just board games with our friends, cafes are always fun and lively.


Why Is Mumbai Prone To Flooding Every Monsoon?

Mumbai’s monsoon has been romanticized for long. But if you were to throw those rose-colored glasses away, you’d be able to see a harsher reality. Mumbai’s monsoons bring the city’s infrastructure to its knees every year. Roads look more like lakes and trains remind you of your favorite water rides from childhood. (more…)

Mumbai Rain Floods The Internet With Hilarious Monsoon Memes

Rain is known to wreck havoc on the daily life in Mumbai. While the rain brings the city’s infrastructure on its knees every year, Mumbaikars have learned to see the lighter side of life. Humor becomes the coping mechanism to deal with the incessant rains that constantly batter the city. (more…)

Top 5 Public Libraries To Work In Peace In Navi Mumbai

Whether you’re a bookworm seeking solace between the shelves of books or just looking for a quiet place to finish your work in peace, Navi Mumbai’s libraries might be a good option. You can even borrow and read bookies or see movies and songs from their collection. (more…)

Top 10 Best Foods To Eat In The Rainy Season

Monsoon is one of our favorite seasons; it is the perfect season after all, isn’t it? The climate is just right, not too hot, not too cold. The moderate temperature combined with the amazing cloud formations and cold rain droplets can heighten all your senses and please them at the same time. With such lovely weather all around, you are bound to feel like eating something that matches perfectly with the climate. (more…)