Top 5 Things To Do In Bhandup

Bhandup is one of the oldest suburbs in town and has a very vibrant restaurant and street food scene. While some of the best restaurants in Bhandup attract loads of people during both the week and the weekend, there are loads of other things to do in the area. (more…)

The Essential Guide To Survive Mumbai’s Traffic During Ganesh Chaturthi 2018

Mumbai wears a festive look as locals welcome huge Ganesh idols with much fanfare. Music, sweets, dance, decorations, prayers and family gatherings — that’s what the festival celebrations look like in the city. It’s all merry and fun, but for commuters traveling to work, it can cause a major inconvenience. To ensure that traffic doesn’t go in a frenzy, the Mumbai Traffic Police has made elaborate arrangements for Ganesh Chaturthi 2018. (more…)

5 Pristine Beaches In Maharashtra With Less Tourists

Being a part of the 172-kilometer long coastline of Konkan Coast, Maharashtra has a special affair with beaches. From snorkeling to birdwatching, Maharashtra’s beaches have everything to provide tourists with an amazing holiday experience. But few of these places feature in travel itineraries of travelers. (more…)

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: 10 Most Popular Ganesh Pandals In Mumbai

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals in India and is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic across 10 days, the preparations for which go on since months. The festive mood gets everyone out of their homes to welcome Ganpati home, and then in the same manner, but with a sense of sorrow, they bid adieu to their beloved god. Every region of the country celebrates the festival in its own manner and this is definitely the time to explore the nation. (more…)

9 Best Khau Gallis in Mumbai That Foodies Cannot Miss

While the experience of fine-dining has its own charm, street food is best enjoyed at roadside eateries. Mumbai’s bubbling khaugalli culture ensures that you get your vada pavs, bhelpuri, shawarmas, dosas, ice-creams and lots more all at one stop. A delight for those who love junk food, these food streets are the building bites of the city’s diverse food culture. (more…)

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: 6 Best Ganpati Pandals To See In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is gearing up to celebrate one of the most celebrated festivals in the state, Ganesh Chaturthi. In this 10-day festival, beginning 13th September 2018, you’ll get to witness huge Ganesha idols adorned with flowers, jewels and so more. Get ready to gorge on modaks and join in the festivities across the state. (more…)

Top 6 Restaurants In Vikhroli For Foodaholics

Vikhroli has long been an area that has been filled with mangroves and is thus rich in biodiversity. While it was home to a huge colony of Godrej employees in the past, it has loads of high-rise residential towers today. With the rise in population, the demand for restaurants has gone up in the area. (more…)

5 Offbeat Things You Can Do In Fort

From Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Flora Fountain, Fort is full of beautiful Victorian and Art Deco buildings. All these popular landmarks are on every traveler’s list in Mumbai, but if you are the kind who looks out for some hidden gems wherever you go, Fort has a lot more to offer. (more…)

How, Why, And When Did Bombay Become Mumbai?

Everyone knows Mumbai was once called Bombay. So, then why was it renamed again? A lot of Mumbaikars who have been living in the city for more than a decade often use it interchangeably. But there has been a lot of political tension attached to the name. If you’re a curious soul wanting to know more about your city, read on as we explore how, why, and when Bombay became Mumbai. (more…)

7 Safety Tips For Travelers Visiting Mumbai

For any tourist, Mumbai’s crowded lanes and buzzing streets can be exciting, yet overwhelming. If you are worried or confused about your safety on your trip, we’ve got some safety tips that will help you understand the ‘Do’s’ & ‘Don’t’s’ in Mumbai. (more…)